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Daniele Carbini at his workbench, Courtesy
A pipe in progress, Courtesy
Example, courtesy Edoardo Appierto

Alinetu pipes are handcrafted by Daniele Carbini in the north of Sardinia, Italy. They take their name from a mountain in the area of Tempio Pausania (OT), being also the origin of some selected briars Daniele is using, beside Mimmo Romeo’s for his main (very limited) production. Alinetu pipes have extremely light weight, exploring different shapes, all with Cumberland mouthpieces. Their symbol is an “A” included in a circle.

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Calling your company "Alinetu", which is the name of the mountain of the Aggius mountain range, makes us understand how much Daniele Carbini is linked to his land, to his mountains in the heart of northern Sardinia, called Gallura. He was born and spends his first years of life right in the stazzo located in Alinetu and is very close to the family origins that have lived here for at least two centuries.Daniele is a young builder who, thanks to his immense passion for this job, typical of those young people who have something important inside, has managed to carve out an important role in the Italian panorama. Born as a self-taught, the pipes he creates are based on the values of his land, of the prosperous nature that surrounds his hometown, Tempio Pausania, province of Sassari. He is a lucky man in that he has the raw material all around him, that is, the briar on hand. His pipes all have large flames. He is a builder who embraces colleagues who resemble him in spirit and technique and this is a simple and objective way to draw wise suggestions by improving construction. For his training he owes a lot to the master Mimmo Romeo and his wife Karin who gave him technical and theoretical foundations very important for his growth. His pipes are simple and linear in shape, smoking tools, built with the "slowness" typical of those builders who want to do things right, nothing by chance. They are "meditate" pipes! They are medium and small in size, easy to hold in the mouth, light, weightless, you could hold them between your teeth all day without realizing it. They don’t yet have a defined standard, but they have positive characteristics that I like very much. For example, the round stove always well proportioned with a perfect briar. The equally perfect rings which harmonize with the inconspicuous measuring torch. Then, like the great pipe manufacturers, he works the mouthpiece from bars of material such as ebonite, methacrylate and cumberland of the highest quality, modeling it to his liking. Its grafts with noble materials such as bone, horn or precious woods are interesting. They are pipes that, although sought after, are to be used safely all day.Curiosity: "I want to underline the fact that I was born as a self-taught but later I had the opportunity to get a fundamental training from Mimmo Romeo and his wife Karin, which allowed me to make a huge qualitative leap and objectively and humanly it seems to me a huge wrong not recognize this debt. At the beginning I also took advantage of the advice (not of training) of Augusto Spanu (Tom Spanu’s brother) and via email, many years ago, of Maurizio Tombari. Through the creation of a pipe I seek a personal journey of style, harmony and elegance. Although very tied to clean and simple lines, inspired by the classic, in his research I try to bring out from every pipe the full expression of my personality and world view." Courtesy