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Altınay Pipe Ltd. was founded in Eskisehir/Turkey in 1964 by Necdet Altinay, when 23 years old, as a small meerschaum carving workshop.

Altinay carved his first meerschaum pipe at 14 years of age.

A master carver Altinay has trained other carvers of repute, including Hüseyin Şekercioğlu, who trained under him in 1976.

Altınay sells pipes for export made by a number of carvers in their own workshop. They currently produce pipes with their own brand altınay besides Andreas Bauer, Rattray's line of meerschaum pipes as well.


Facebook: altinaymeerschaumpipes/

Instagram: altinaymeerschaum

Vk: altinaymeerschaumpipes

Google+: altinaymeerschaum

Telephone: +90 (222) 231 39 75

Mobile: +90 533 432 77 69 - +90 553 237 22 02


Adress: Deliklitas Mahallesi Degirmen Sokak No: 35/31 Eskisehir/TURKEY