Meerschaum brand produced by Altinok-Pipe Ltd.

Sinan Altinok was born to a happy family in 1958 as the first son of his parents in Ankara, Turkey. He lived in the same city until now graduating many schools, working for national and multi-national companies as an electronics engineer (EE BSc) more than twenty years in IT field. After retirement, he decided to follow his inner call to develop a website about his country’s well-known handicrafts. His first project to accomplish this started in year 2002 and it was about meerschaum pipes. It was the same year that Altinok Pipes was born bringing up the most valuable ‘stone’ to the eye of the pipe smoking world over his website Having worked with the best carvers of the nation helped him to carry his business to a higher level every year demanding more pipes from all over the world. So far so good. More than 50 countries have been delivered to date, from Canada to Tasmania west to east, from Finland to South Africa north to south. He is very pleased of getting to know hundreds of nice people from different nations. That was the bonus of all. Sinan loves traveling more than anything in company with a lovely wife. He has traveled to 30+ countries so far and counting. Another passion of him is photography. Besides taking pipe photos for the web store in his home studio, he, in fact, has a good amount of travel shots waiting to be exposed. Another project would be a good one for him to start a blog about this. Who knows! Last but not least, acting in some TV series and theatres has been another passion for him starting from his young ages. He still enjoys acting with a great love.[1]

Contact information

Mr. Sinan A. Altinok
Angora Evleri E4-17 Cayyolu
Ankara, 06530 TURKEY
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Website: (deprecated)
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Phone:   +90 312 2252506 (deprecated)
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