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|'''[[Melrose]]'''||'''[[Kaufman Brothers & Bondy]]'''; New York City.
|'''[[Melrose]]'''||'''[[Kaufman Brothers & Bondy]]'''; New York City.
|'''[[Mermet]]'''||'''[[Andre Mermet]]'''; New York City, New York & San Francisco, CA
|'''[[Andre Mermet|Mermet]]'''||'''[[Andre Mermet]]'''; New York City, New York & San Francisco, CA
|'''[[Jimmy Mermet]]'''; San Francisco, CA
|'''[[Jimmy Mermet]]'''; San Francisco, CA

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Laird Ted Laird; Brooklyn Park, MN
Lakatosh John Lakatosh; New Columbia, PA
Larsen Wally Larsen (†); St. Paul, MN. See Senlar.
LaRue Travor LaRue (†) & Chuck Whitmore; Langley (Whidbey Island), WA. See Whidbey Islander Pipes.
Laughingmoon Pipes Robert Vacher; Litchfield, CA.
Lazy S Pipes R.C. Sands; Reynoldsburg, OH
LDG Larry D. Goff
Learned Samuel Learned; York, PA.
Leedy Tom Leedy; Clayton, OH.
Lee Lee; New York City.
Leese Jack Leese; New York City. See Air-Vent.
LePeltier LePeltier Pipes; East Fairfield, VT
Lewis Rich Lewis; Minneapolis, MN
LHS L. & H. Stern Pipe Making Company; Brooklyn, NY
Lindner Michael Lindner; Rochester Hills, MI
Linkman M. Linkman & Co. (MLC); Chicago, IL.
Lips Pipeworks Thomas J. Lips; Portland, OR
LOG ???
Longrie Earl J. Longrie; Milwaukee, WI. 1930's
Lord Davenport Pipes Lord Davenport Pipes Ltd.; New York City. Known from the 1940's.
Lord-Davenport.jpg |
Loscalzo Pipes Craig A. Loscalzo; Lexington, KY.
Lou's Lou's Tobacco Bar, Madison, WI.
LPI Barry Levin († 1994); ? VT
Luna Pipes Tom Johnson, Bothell (Seattle), WA.
Lynch O.E. Lynch
Lynch 1.jpg | Lynch 2.jpg | Lynch 3.jpg |
M. Linkman & Co. MLC; Chicago, IL
M.E. Stone Pipes M.E. Stone
Malaga Pipe Company Also mentioned as Malaga Briarworks. G. Khoubesser (1939), Emanual "Manny" Khoubesser. Royal Oak, MI.
Manges Rick Manges; Midland, MI
Manhattan Briar Pipe Co. See S.M. Frank.
Marchetti Pipes Phil DeFant; Brooklyn, MI.
Mariner Joe Mariner (ret.); Napa, CA
Markle, Ernie Ernie Markle Pipes; Scottsdale, AZ
Marks Andrew Marks; Middlebury, VT
Martin Sam Martin († 1992); Little Rock, AR
MartinS 07.jpg | MartinS 08.jpg |
Thomas Martin; Beverly, MA. See TM Pipes.
Martin Pipe Company Hal Silverstein († 2003)
MartinPCo 1.jpg |
Marxman Robert L. Marx († 1992); New York City
Masterbilt ?? e.g., rustic billiard ~Custombilt, supreme on stem
Mastercraft Robert L. Marx († 1992); New York City
Mayflower National Briar Pipe Co.; Jersey City, NJ.
McBride Mac McBride (ret./† ?); ?, CA
McCranie Pipes Private label brand of McCranie's; Charlotte, NC. Made by Tonino Jacono and Bill Ashton-Taylor.
McCravey W.L. McCravey (ret./† ?); Sunnyside, WA
McGuire ? McGuire (ret./† ?)
McNulty Brian McNulty; Culver City, CA. See Anima Pipes
Medico S.M. Frank; Peekskill, NY
Mehaffey E.A. Mehaffey; Wheaton, MD
Mesa Woodsman Hugo Mesa (ret./† ?)
MelloPure Dr. Harry Paine
Melrose Kaufman Brothers & Bondy; New York City.
Mermet Andre Mermet; New York City, New York & San Francisco, CA
Jimmy Mermet; San Francisco, CA
Mickles Clarence Mickles (†), Park Forest, IL
Micoli Robert Eugene "Mic" Burns (ret.), Long Beach, CA
Milton Herb Milton (ret./† ?); Margate, FL
Mincer Tracy Mincer († 1966). Custom-Bilt, The Doodler. Indianapolis, IN.
Missouri Meerschaum Missouri Meerschaum Company; Washington, MO
Mock Don Mock (†)
Monarch Monarch Pipe Co. Tulsa Ok.
Montgomery Handmade Pipes Jeremiah W. Montgomery; Hollidaysburg, PA
Morgan Pipes Chris Morgan; San Jose, CA
Morrisette, Steve see Steve Morrisette Pipes
Mr. Groum James H. Margroum (†); Hanover, PA
Mr. Paul's Pipes Paul Speaks (ret./† ?); Baltimore, MD
Murado John Murado

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