American Pipe Brands & Makers T - V

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Talbert Pipes Trever Talbert (now France);
Tapia William Tapia; Monrovia, CA
Tatum's Workshop Paul Tatum; Mocksville, NC
TC Fuller Pipes Tim C. Fuller; ?, ID.
The Briar Workshop Jorg Jemelka and Elliott Nachwalter; VT.
BriarWorkshop 06.jpg | BriarWorkshop 07.jpg |
The Doodler Created by Tracy Mincer; later National Briar Pipe Co.; Jersey City, NJ.
The Lyon Pipe Chas. H. Lyon († 1947); sp. Gen. Charles G. Dawes. Salt Lake City, UT
The Smoker Private label brand. Mel Feldman; Albany, NY. Made by Savinelli?
Thile Scott E. Thile; Murray, KY. → S.E. Thile Pipes.
Thoro-Kleen Thoro-Kleen; New York City
Thorpe Timothy (Tim) W. Thorpe; Sewell, NJ
Threeton Robert Threeton; ?, New Hampshire
Tiner Tiner; San Diego, CA.
Tinsky Glenn Tinsky; Chicago, IL.
Tinsky Mark Tinsky; Wolf Creek MT. → American Smoking Pipe Co..
TM Pipes Thomas Martin; Beverly, MA
Tobak Mel Baker, Tobak Ltd., Virginia Beach, VA. → Kabik
Tom Pipecarver & Son Tom Arcoleo; Princeton, NJ.
Tony's Pipe Towne ???
TotemStar Gunnar Weber-Prada; Los Angeles, CA.
Trail Blazer ???
Trapwell Trapwell - Pat. No. 2.232.159... "World’s Best Briar"
Tredway Bob Tredway; Coeur d' Alene, ID
Trent Philip Trent; South Bend, Indiana
Tria Pipes ???
Trump Trump Custom Handmade
Tsulagi Pipes American made pipes, with a Native American heritage.
Tuerk Victor Tuerk; New York City, later California
Tybush "Frank Tybush hand crafts these pipes in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. These local creations are beautiful and lightweight."
Tyler Lane Pipes Tyler Lane Beard (ret. from pipemaking); Midland, TX.
Ubben Randolph Ubben; New Milford, CT. → R. Ubben Pipes.
Uhle's Uhle's Pipe Shop; Milwaukee, WI
Union Pipe Co. ???
Vacher Robert Vacher; Litchfield, CA. → Laughingmoon Pipes.
Vajra Vajra Briar Works; made by Michael V. Kabik and Glen Hedelson. → Kabik.
Van Varick Al Van Varick
Van Roy Van Roy - Choice Imported Briar
Vardry Pipes Patrick Vardry ?; upstate South Carolina
Very Unique Pipes
Vickers M.O. Vickers (ret./† ?); Knoxville, TN
Victory Pipe Craftsmen Cellini; Chicago, IL
von Erck Lee von Erck; Negaunee, MI
Vottis Pat M. Vottis
Vox Pop Henry Leonard & Thomas Inc. for Penn Tobacco Co., Wilkes-Barre, PA
VT Freehand Steven Norse; Dorset, VT. → Norse.

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