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The block of briar from the Sicilian Mountains, which are exposed to the sea, is almost a legend for its exceptional porosity and exceptional webbing of the grain. Skilled workers only pay attention to those briars with tens of years of age, performing the important steps of collecting, cutting and boiling.

Afterwards the briar stands for a natural seasoning. The Sicilian climate is the secret of the rare good taste of that exceptional object that is finally made, after at least 5 years of slow and natural maturation: a pipe.

A unique pipe which answers to very high standards of quality, which allows perfect smoking, for its exceptional lightness and porosity, combined with the compactness and beauty of the grain.

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An Amorelli pipe is recognized by an unmistakable logo: an 18k Gold bar, placed in the centre of the junction of the shank and mouthpiece, and which allows a perfect positioning. Projecting and making with a scrupulous rigour, Amorelli refers to the most exigent pipe connoisseur who will be able to recognize a very high smoking quality and prize a processing of the highest level, rich in refined details. It climaxes in a delicate process of finishing, where esteemed Brazilian bee waxes are used to feed and exalt the fibre of the wood, allowing the pipe to breathe.

25 years have passed since Totò Amorelli entered the scene with his creations, inimitable still today: busbee, frac, lyra, fish-tail, nayl, unicum, interpretaions of a new point of view and to realize a pipe. The 18k Gold logo, only sicilian and selected briar, 5 years seasoned and interpreted piece by piece.

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Big successes in Italy, Germany (where a tobacco and an aromatic Cigar by Amorelli is distributed), USA, Canada and recently Hong Kong, as attested by the "Uniche" for "important persons": a pipe with the shape of a pastoral for S.S. Papa Woytila, a Saxophone for Bill Clinton, Helmut Koll is smoking a pipe in a gold plaque with diamonds which represents the unification of the two Germanies. A King was missed, but in 2005 Totò created the "Magnifico Narghilè" for H. H. Abdullah Al, to let him tasting the time, an incomparable richness. And what we can say about the jewel pipes with Pasternack collection diamonds, distributed by Gudrun Pasternack, niece of Boris and destined to the Arabic Princesses.

An excellent selection of Amorelli pipes is available at Pipedia Underwriter,

What will the near future hold? A new line of pipes for everyone: "La Siciliana", together with Amorelli pipes, made from the best briar collected from Sicilian Mountains overlooking Taormina, cut, boiled and seasoned directly in the new workshop of Caltanissetta, everything overseen by Totò.

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