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Marco Bacigalupi is very creative. He models his materials with the same skill with which, for sixty years, he has been shaping the circumstances of his life. Born in Liguria, as is the best briar, he makes his creations by hand and has gotten to know the passion for the art of smoking a pipe when his father gave him one.

Marco Bacigalupi
Smooth Bent Poker, courtesy
Smooth Bent Pot, courtesy

Marco was twenty years old then and has since continued to smoke it because, as he likes to say, whispering behind his mustache: a pipe is a work of art, beautiful to look at, caressing to smoke.

Since 1983 Marco Bacigalupi makes pipes that for his own use and shares them with a limited number of friends.

The softness of the days spent away from the city noises, finally persuaded him to make known and to share his creations with a wider audience. In his small workshop, from which he dominates the valleys and forests of the Ligurian hinterland, Marco creates each unique pipe using aged briar from Triora, a drill and a grinding wheel for the final polishing. Everything else is passion!


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