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Aaron Beck

Aaron Beck was one of the earliest American carvers who turned to freehand pipe making in the modern sense.

He created exceptionally fine pipes since the mid 1950's in Queens, New York, before retiring later to Florida, said to have passed away in 1984. The hallmark of his work was his unique ability to combine bits of wood and other materials in a kind of sandwich manner to stems and / or shanks that added a very special dimension to the smoking instrument. Few other carvers following him could combine substances with the same creativity and mastery as Beck without sliding to produce gaudy trash. He was one of the first people to experiment with acrylic inlays in stems. He may also be the designer of the DC (Double Comfort) stem for Charatan. The stampings on his pipes was quite inconsistent, many having no stamp at all.

Shank nomenclature: "A. Beck" (in script), "Custom Made".

The following pictures are courtesy James Mizell

Aaron Beck passed away in 1984.