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Copyright © 2001 & 2002 John C. Loring -- update 02/04/02
Contributed by Yang Forcióri

Tabako Kiseru Bon Ensem Tsutsu Ire Net Gloss Bib

Note: There are three critical resources for literature on Japanese Tobacciana:

First, Norman Sandfield has published a compilation that while titled “THE ULIMATE NETSUKE BIBLIOGRAPHY” (1999, Additions & Revisions, 2001) in fact includes the known literature on Japanese Tobacciana. This “Bibliography” is 384 pages long in the original with detailed indices and a 58 page “Additions and Revisions). A labor of love and a remarkable achievement.

Second, Benjamin Rapport, aka, ANTIQUARIAN TOBACCIANA specializes in tobacciana literature of all sorts, and can be reached at 11505 Turnbridge Lane, Reston, VA 20194-1220 (telephone: 703 – 435-8133) email

Third, PARAGON BOOK GALLERY, 1507 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60605 , is the world’s leading oriental literature specialist (telephone [312] 663.5155) email web page:

Author Unknown, “’Longevity Herb’ or ‘Fools’ Plant’: A Brief History of Japanese Tobacco” The East, Vol. XI, No. 2, February-March, 1975. An early but very good article on the history of tobacco and smoking customs in Japan.

Bushell, Raymond “Kiseruzutsu: The Japanese Pipe Case” Arts of Asia Vol 10 no 6, November-December 1980. The pioneering and still important article on pipe cases with photographs of sixty carver signatures.

Cadwallader, Gary “Tea and the Way of Tea – The Ancient Etiquette of Tobacco” Daruma, Summer 1997.

Cunningham, Isabel, “The Japanese Personal Smoking Set” Netsuke Kenkyukai Study Journal, vol 7 no 1, Spring 1987. Another excellent article on ‘personal smoking sets’ which ties together earlier articles on the subject.

Dawes, Leonard G. Dawes, “Constant Pleasure in Japanese Smoking Pipes” The Antique Dealer & Collectors Guide, October, 1978.

Holme, Charles “Japanese Tobacco Boxes” International Studio, Vol XIII, no 50, April (1901) reprinted in Netsuke Kenkyukai Study Journal, Vol. 9 no 3, Fall, 1989. One of the first, if not the first article on tonkotsu, well illustrated for the time and still useful.

Lazarnick, George “The Signature Book of Netsuke, Inro and Ojime” (one volume) 1976.

Lazarnick, George “Netsuke and Inro Artists and How to Read Their Signatures” (two volumes) 1982.

While principally concerned with identifying netsuke signatures, significant attention is given in these three volumes to pipe case and tonkotsu signatures. (expensive – but absolutely necessary books for collectors of netsuke and Japanese Tobacciana from an ‘object d’art’ perspective).

Matlick, Dayton “Kiseru” Pipes & Tobacco, Spring 1996. Of interest primarily because it is partially based on an interview with contemporary master pipe maker.

Parker, William and Betty, “The Japanese Personal Smoking Set” Arts of Asia, Vol 13, no 2, March/April 1983. An excellent and well illustrated article on ‘personal smoking sets’ flavored with the collecting environment of the early 1980’s in Japan.

Parker, William and Betty, “A Compilation of Pipe case Artists” Netsuke Kenkyukai Study Journal, Vol 4 no 2, Summer 1984 (with major errata corrections in “Oops … Errata” Netsuke Kenkyukai Study Journal Vol 4 no 3, Fall1984). A major ‘update’ of Bushell’s pioneering effort to identify pipe case signatures.

Quinet, Nadine and Philippe, “Kiseru, The Japanese Pipe”, Netsuke Kenkyukai Study Journal, Vol 15, no 2 (1995?). The essential, and well illustrated, article for any one interested in kiseru.

Rapaport, Benjamin, “Tobacco Pipe Curiosities of the Orient” Arts of Asia Vol 27 no 1, January/February 1997. Useful for distinguishing kiseru from other pipes of Asia.

Rokusho (Japanese Art Magazine), Vol 28 1999. This issue in Japanese and English offers ninety 8” x 11” pages of color photographs of tsutsu, tabako-ire and tonkotsu, a great value - recommended.

Satow, Ernest M., The Introduction of Tobacco Into Japan. A paper read before the Asiatic Society of Japan in 1877 and reprinted in 1883. An important early western discussion on the title subject and then contemporary practices.

Seton, Alistair “Collectibles – Tobacco Trays” Daruma, Autumn 1995.

Shimada City Museum, “Kiseru to Shokunin Ten [Exhibition of Tobacco Pipes & Craftsman]” 1996, paperback. All Japanese text but the eighty 8” x 11” pages of color photographs of an ample array of kiseru, tabako-ire, tonkotsu and tabako-bon is what this volume is about – an economy version of the Tobacco and Salt Museum’s far more expensive green hard cover volumes. A great value, recommended.

Suzuki, Barnabas, T. “Introduction of pipe (Kiseru) smoking into Japan”, The Pipe Year Book 2001, Academie Internationale de la Pipe 2001. An English language partial summary of the author’s ground breaking book Kitsu’en Denraishi no Kenkyu, 1999. The book and this article explode much of the early, and erroneous, speculation surrounding the introduction of tobacco into Japan.

Szeszler, Denis “Tonkotsu” Netsuke Kenkyukai Study Journal Vol 9 no 3, Fall 1989.

Tobacco and Salt Museum, “Tobacco and Salt Museum” (1988). A very reasonably priced 72 page paperback, a significant portion of which is devoted to the history of tobacco and related utensils in Japan.

Tobacco and Salt Museum “Kiseru” 1988

Tobacco and Salt Museum “Tabako Bon” 1993

Tobacco and Salt Museum “Tabakoire” 1988

Tobacco and Salt Museum “Ukiyo-e” 1984 (reprinted 1997) [prints with smoking related scenes]

Tobacco and Salt Museum “Han Bon” 1990 [wood block printed books with many smoking related]

These two hundred – three hundred 8” x 11” page volumes publish the collection of the Tokyo Tobacco and Salt Museum, a significant number in color but most in back & white. They are in Japanese and are expensive but since they are principally devoted to photographs language is not a problem. This is particularly so with regard to the ukiyo-e (prints) volume since those prints show how pipes and related items were actually used. One of the articles in the tabakoire volume “The History of Tobacco Pouches” by Tomikichi Tanaka was translated in the Netsuke Kenkyukai Study Journal Vol 10 no 4, Winter 1990. Serious collectors of Japanese Tobacciana will have these volumes, those with a more passing interest will be more then satisfied with the far less expensive Shimada, Tsubame and Rokusho paperback volumes.

Tsubame City Industrial Museum, “Kiseru & Yatate no Subete: Maruyama Seijiro Hissei no Shushu (All About Kiseru and Yatate: Seijiro Maruyama Collection)". 1999, paperback. In Japanese but with sixty 8” x 11” pages of color photographs of kiseru, tsutsu and tabaco-ire, language is not a problem.

Verwilghen, Jean “Kiseruzutsu, Pipe Cases of Ivory and Stag Antler” Daruma,, #6 vol 2 no 2, Spring 1995.

Verwilghen, Jean “Kiseruzutsu (Pipe Cases)-Part II; wood and woven” Daruma, #10 vol 3 no 2, Spring 1996. An important, exceptionally fine and well illustrated two part article on pipe cases based on the authors exceptional collection.

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