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Alexandr Bondarev

Alexandr (Sasha) Bondarev lives and works in Riga, Latvia. He makes tobacco smoking pipes since 2011.

Sasha graduated from school of arts and intended to devote my life to art, to become an artist or, rather, a sculptor. Yet he was better at math and physics, so he decided to go to Technics University. Alexandr worked few years as web-designer, then as web-programmer. At first, pipe making was just a hobby, then evolved into beloved half-time job, and now is the only job.

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Alexandr makes 3-6 pipes a month. He uses Italian briar from Mimmo. He prefers straight classical shapes, most with long shank (canadians, liverpools), almost doesn't make nosewarmers. The inside diameter of draught-hole is 4mm (a little more because of grinding), air holes in stems are cone-shaped.

Contact Information:

Contact: Facebook,, +371 28 67 19 25