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Books and Publications

Books (in print)


PIPES, Artisans and trademarks, by José Manuel Lopez

(not available on Amazon, check your favorite B&M or on-line tobacconist). Language: English; Hardcover: 264 Pages, First English Edition 2005; Translation by Mick Greer; Forward by Ben Rapaport; Introductory Text by Gregory Pease. Originally titled "Cachimbos" and written in Portuguese, this book chronicles nearly every brand made as of 2005, with informative descriptions and excellent pictures. Currently considered the most complete book covering the numerous makers of tobacco pipes.


The Pipe Companion: A Connoisseur's Guide, by David Wright

Available new and used on Amazon Hardcover: 208 pages; Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers (October 2000); Language: English; ISBN-10: 0762403233; ISBN-13: 978-0762403233. Though far from exhaustive, this is a wonderful book with excellent pictures. The makers covered are covered more thoroughly than in José Manuel Lopez's book.


In Search of Pipe Dreams, by Rick Newcombe

Available new and used on Amazon or direct from the author (brochure) Paperback: 304 pages; Publisher: Sumner Books (April 1, 2006); Language: English; ISBN-10: 0966623916; ISBN-13: 978-0966623918. This book is an excellent read. One of my favorites. Rick loves pipes and pipe makers and is an excellent writer. The pictures are informative.

Rare Smoke.jpg

Rare Smoke: The Ultimate Guide to Pipe Collecting, by Richard Carleton Hacker

Available new and used on Amazon Hardcover: 265 pages, Publisher: Rick Hacker (December 1, 1999), Language: English, ISBN-10: 0931253101, ISBN-13: 978-0931253102. Very informative book on collecting, especially certain makes and eras. The pictures are informative (but not exciting). An enjoyable read, and well worth owning, although it has been said that Hacker has a somewhat pompous writing style and does some name dropping.


Pipesmoking: A 21st Century Guide, by Richard Carleton Hacker

Available new and used on Amazon Paperback: 168 pages, Publisher: Autumngold Publishing; First Edition, Second Printing edition (August 10, 2006), Language: English, ISBN-10: 0931253152, ISBN-13: 978-0931253157.


Collectible Pipes, by Jean Rebeyrolles

Available new and used on Amazon Paperback: 384 pages, Publisher: Flammarion (September 21, 2002), Language: English, ISBN-10: 2080108840, ISBN-13: 978-2080108845.


A Complete Guide to Collecting Antique Pipes, by Rapaport, Benjamin

Available new and used at Amazon Paperback: 256 pages; Publisher: Schiffer Publishing; Revised edition (May 1998); Language: English; ISBN-10: 0764305964; ISBN-13: 978-0764305962


Collecting Antique Meerschaum Pipes: Miniature to Majestic Sculpture, by Ben Rapaport

Available new and used at Amazon Hardcover: 176 pages; Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (March 1999); Language: English; ISBN-10: 0764307657; ISBN-13: 978-0764307652

Back From The Ashes.jpg

Back From The Ashes: Uncovering the Lost History Of G. L. Hunt and the Falcon Pipe, by Kathy Worth

Obtainable from Worthy Works Press; E-mail ; Address: 11684 Ventura Blvd. Suite 231, Studio City, CA 91604.

Pimo's Guide.jpg

Pimo's Guide to Pipe-Crafting at Home

112 pages, 190 illustrations, Paperback Available from Pimo; E-mail: Address: Butternut Lane, PO Box 2043. Manchester Center, VT 05255. Phone: 802-362-3371


The Dunhill Briar Pipe - 'the patent years and after' by John C. LoringThe first published book devoted to the Dunhill pipe. It is alternatively a dating guide, a history of the Dunhill pipe and a study of the Dunhill pipe generally. Publication date: June 1998. Available from the author at: John C. Loring, 700 West Irving Park, Suite A-1, Chicago, Illinois 60613, USA. Phone: (773)935-3492, Fax: (773)871-8374. Email: website

Secrets of Enjoyable Pipe Smoking, by Mark Beal, MD is a paperback book that features chapters on selecting, cleaning, and collecting pipes, choosing tobacco, and health tips. "It seems there were pamphlets about pipes, and then expensive hardcover books," comments the author, a 36-year old psychiatrist and third-generation pipe smoker. "I wanted to create something in between - a concise but detailed book for someone just discovering the pipe pastime." The self-published book sells for $9.95, plus $3 shipping. Call (843) 856-3146.

THE CUSTOM-BILT PIPE STORY, by William E. Unger, Jr., Ph.D Available from the author (order from). 263 pages, plastic spiral bound, 87 illustrations: pipe photographs and reproductions of rare ads and catalogs. Chapter One: The Companies; Chapter Two: The People; Chapter Three: The Pipes; A carefully researched history of these increasingly collectible pipes, from their beginning, with Tracy Mincer in 1929, to their last manufacture in 1998. A guide to the names and distinguishing features of the many different variations. Reviews by Richard Esserman, and Tony Soderman.

Books (out of print)


The Ultimate Pipe Book, by Richard Carleton Hacker:

Available used on Amazon Hardcover: 305 pages; Publisher: Autumngold Pub.; 2nd edition (January 1984)Language: English; ISBN-10: 0931253004; ISBN-13: 978-0931253003


The Pipe Book, by Alfred Dunhill:

Available used on Paperback Amazon. Paperback: 280 pages; Publisher: The Lyons Press; First edition edition (November 1, 2002); Language: English; ISBN-10: 1585746533; ISBN-13: 978-1585746538. Hardback Hardcover: 306 pages; Publisher: The Lyons Press; 1.00 edition (May 1, 1999); Language: English; ISBN-10: 1558217762; ISBN-13: 978-1558217768

The pipe.jpg

The Pipe, by Gearges Hermet:

"A serious yet diverting treatise on the history of the pipes and all its appurtenances, as well as a factual withal philosophical discussion of the pleasurable art of selecting pipes, smoking, and caring for them". Translated by Aurther L. Hayward. Foreword by Wally Frank, Illustrated by George Poole and Paul Jensen. 1954 and 1955. First Paperback 1963, Simon and Schuster.

The Book Of.jpg

The Book of Pipes and Tobacco by Carl Ehwa, Jr

Random House Inc., New York, NY, USA 1974 Available used on amazon Hardcover: 239 pages, Publisher: Random House (1973), Language: English, ISBN-10: 0394470001, ISBN-13: 978-0394470009.

Illustrated History.jpg

The Illustrated History of the Pipe (The Pleasures of Life), by Alexis Liebert, Alain Maya

Available used on amazon Hardcover: 220 pages, Publisher: Harold Starke Publishers (September 26, 1994), ISBN-10: 1872457207, ISBN-13: 978-1872457208

Global Guide.jpg

The global guide to tobacco literature by Rapaport, Benjamin

Description: Bibliographie Amerika+England, Holland,Frankreich,Deutschl.,Italien,Sonstige Verlag: academie internationale de la pipe. Privately published, 1989. USA Library of Congress catalog number 90-91868

Perfect Pipe.jpg

The Perfect Pipe, by H. Paul Jeffers

Available used at Amazon Hardcover: 192 pages; Publisher: Burford Books (December 25, 1998); Language: English; ISBN-10: 1580800653; ISBN-13: 978-1580800655


Pipe, by Robin Crole

Available used at Amazon Hardcover: 144 pages; Publisher: Prima Lifestyles (October 27, 1999); Language: English; ISBN-10: 0761515070; ISBN-13: 978-0761515074


Carl Weber's The Pleasures of Pipe Smoking, by Carl Weber

Available used at Amazon. Hardcover; Publisher: Ridge Press (1965); ASIN: B000IANCXY

Weber's Guide to Pipes & Pipe Smoking , by Carl Weber

Available Used at Amazon Paperback; Publisher: Simon & Schuster (Paper) (June 1976); ISBN-10: 0346122392; ISBN-13: 978-0346122390

Publications (in print)


Pipes & Tobacco Magazine

Pipes & Tobacco Magazine: A quarterly magazine with articles about pipes, pipe manufacturing, custom pipes, and tobaccos. Pipes and Tobaccos, 5808 Faringdon Place ~ Suite 200, Raleigh, NC 27609-3930, USA, Phone: (919) 872-5040, Fax: (919) 876-6531


The Pipe Collector:

The Newsletter of the North American Society of Pipe Collectors NASPC: North American Society of Pipe Collectors, P.O. Box 9642, Columbus, Ohio 43209-9642


Smokeshop Magazine

Smokeshop Magazine: Lockwood Trade Journal Co., Inc., 130 West 42nd Street, Suite 1050, New York, NY 10036, (212) 391-2060, Fax: (212) 827-0945, Email:

Tobacconist Magazine

Tobacconist Magazine: Official publication of the Retail Tobacco Dealers' Association (RTDA). Address: 5808 Faringdon Place ~ Suite 200, Raleigh, NC 27609-3930 USA, Phone: (919) 872-5040, Fax: (919) 876-6531

Publications (out of print)

The Pipe Smokers Ephemeris, Last Issue

The Pipe Smokers Ephemeris US ISSN 0032-0161: Edited and Published by late great Tom Dunn for 40 years (1964 - 2004). "The Ephemeris is a limited edition, irregular quarterly for pipe smokers and anyone else who is interested in its contents" and sent to "Coterians" around the World. Tom became a "broken pipe" in 2006, and although he was working on the publication of the next issue it was.

Editor's note: I regret that I was not aware of Ephemeris, or The Universal Coterie of Pipe Smokers until recently. I just bought my first and only copy of the Ephemeris (the last issue, Winter - Spring, 2005) from Hermit Tobacco at the MAPS show in Milwaukee. I hope to buy more editions on the used market as I can find and afford them. The last issue has 116 pages of excellent reading. I'm very envious of long time Coterians, especially those that new Tom personally, or enjoyed regular correspondence with him. I hope it will eventually be possible to obtain re-prints or electronic copies of the Ephemeris. If anyone knows of how this can be done legally and ethically, please edit this entry, or start a separate article by clicking The Pipe Smokers Ephemeris.

PipeSmoke, Last Issue

PipeSmoke Magazine:Keys Technologies (need more information). They still have a website up, but it looks like the last issue was summer 1999: Pipesmoke Website

Pipe Friendly Magazine: J. Galloway Company (need information)

Pipe The Worldwide Pipe Smoker's Magazine, Netherlands (need information)

Agricultural and Mechanical Gazette Bimonthly magazine for pipe smokers and collectors (need information)

Pijprokersmagazine: Richard Thiron, BELGIUM (need information)