British Pipe Brands & Makers A - D

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Abbey Pipes Liquidated. Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire.
Abbott A brand of Andersen & Abbot.
Abdulla A brand of Abdulla & Co Ltd.
Ace of Spades Comoy's sub-brand / second.
Alco System pipes produced by Merton and Falcon Co in Britain.
Alfred ???
Allerton Maybe a Comoy's sub-brand / second. The logo is an oak leaf with an acorn.
Americana GBD sub-brand / second.
Ancient Mariner Probably an Orlik sub-brand / second. An anchor on the stem.
Argyle Hardcastle sub-brand / second.
Arizona GBD sub-brand / second.
Aristocrat Appears with many different logos and stampings. One with a plain A as a logo is an export brand of John Redman Ltd.
Asbury ???.
Ascot Dunhill for H. Perkins & Son / Beney Ltd.
Ashton William John Taylor; Romford
Askwith Pipes Chris Askwith; Plymouth, Devon.
Astley's Astley's of Jermyn Street; London
Astor Comoy's sub-brand / second.
Atwood One model with U.S. PAT. 2652062.
Autumn Gold GBD sub-brand / second.
Barbic Made for Bartlett & Bickley Ltd.; 217 Picadilly, London. "London Made", red dot. Factory was closed in the 30-40s of the last century.
Barbican Derivate of Barbic?
Barber B'Line House brand of James Barber Tobacconists; Otley, West Yorkshire
Bartlett & Bickley Bartlett & Bickley, Piccadily, London
BB&S Barling sub-brand / second (Benjamin Barling & Son).
BBB Blumfeld’s Best Briar; formerly A. Frankau.
Beau Nash GBD sub-brand / second.
Ben Wade
Benlet "Made in London England" - an outlet of Lane / Charatan's Ben Wade production.
Benson & Hedges London Made.
Berkeley Club Sasieni sub-brand / second.
Bewlay Salmon & Gluckstein Ltd.
Birks Could be the name of an English Tobacco shop ( WILCZAK & COLWELL "Who Made That Pipe?").
Black Prince Barling sub-brand / second
Blakemar Briars Michael Billington; Litchborough, Towcester, Northamptonshire.
Blue Jeans GBD sub-brand / second.
B.O.B. Bob Hinton, Brotherhood of the Briar, Wales
Bobbie London Bobbie - The factory has existed since the 20's. Closed in 1942.
Bonnie Brier
Bowles & Son Ltd Tobacconist's brand.
Bra-Way ???
Bristol ???
Britannia 1. Named for Barrister (???); London.
2. Comoy's sub-brand / second.
3. Charatan sub-brand / second.
British Guard ???
Bromage A brand of A. Bromage & Co Ltd
Brunette GBD sub-brand / second.
Bond Street Bond Street London Briar
Brixton John Redman; London.
Buckingham ???
Buckingham Palace Probably a brand of John Redman Ltd
Buttner Bakelite pipes equiped with a removable porcelain insert. Brand distributed with separate patents in Great Britain Germany and France.
Byford Orlik sub-brand / second. Now made by Cadogan.
Cadogan Cadogan Investment Ltd.; Southend-on-Sea, Essex
Capt. Kidd BBB sub-brand / second.
Captain Black Orlik sub-brand / second. Now made by Cadogan.
Captain Fortune John Redman Ltd./British Empire Pipe Co. London Made
Carey ???
Carrington W. H. Carrington; Manchester
Castleford Colin Fromm
Chapman ???
Charing Cross G. Smith & Sons; London
Chevreuse GBD sub-brand / second.
City de Luxe GBD sub-brand / second.
Civic Brand of the Cadogan company.
Claret Sasieni sub-brand / second.
Clubhouse GBD sub-brand / second.
Comoy's Comoy's of London (H. Comoy & Co. Ltd.)
Cordoban GBD. Offered as private brand pipe; stampings on customer's comand.
Cornwall GBD sub-brand / second.
Country Club GBD sub-brand / second.
Cragmoor ???
Craftsman Arthur Morris Bolton; London
Craven Sasieni sub-brand / second.
Cutty Sark Sam Klein's Cutty Sark - Made in London England
Cyclone GBD sub-brand / second.
Daddy GBD sub-brand / second.
Davies & Huybrecht Davies & Huybrecht (1919 - 1999); London.
Davos GBD sub-brand / second.
Delacour Brothers Delacour Brothers Ltd. (D.B.L.). UK branch of Delacour, France.
Digby GBD sub-brand / second.
Dr. John London?
Dr. Plumb GBD sub-brand / second.
Drury Lane Comoy's sub-brand / second.
Duncan Briars
Duke ??? [[]]

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