British Pipe Brands & Makers I - L

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Inderwick Inderwick & Co London.
Insignia GBD sub-brand / second.
Invicta Briars Peter Ellam and Colin Leeson ( pipemakers ). Manufacturing and supplying high quality English Briar Pipes to the public for over 35 years.
Irwin's GBD sub-brand / second. Also known "Irwin`s Handmade in Denmark"
James Upshall Mordechai “Moty” Ezrati (proprietor) & Barry Jones (pipemaker). East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 1HS.
Jamieson Horace "Horry" Jamieson, long-time Barling pipemaker. Being one of the rare British pipemakers skilled in freehand design, he changed to GBD in the 1960's after Barling had been sold. For GBD he primarily carved the one of a kind pipes of the "Collector" and "Unique" lines. (Some sources mention "the Jamieson brothers" ... ?)
Jobey Emigrated to the USA.
John Peel Barling sub-brand / second.
John Redman John Redman Ltd./British Empire Pipe Co. London Made.
Jost's Olde English Comoy's sub-brand / second.
Kaywoodie GB Cadogan brand.
Kent Pipe See Page
King's Ransom King's Ransom - London Made
Kingsway ???
Kingswood GBD sub-brand / second.
Larrysson Pipes Paul Hubarrt; Pensilva, Cornwall.
Laxey Pipes Ltd. Meerschaum pipes made in Laxey, Isle of Man.
Lewis Robert Lewis; London
Lion's Head Comoy's sub-brand / second.
Litewate ???
Loewe & Co.
London Castle Pipes G. Huybrecht
London House Sasieni. Private label brand for London House Ltd. (411 5th Avenue, NYC) - formerly Sasieni's US distributor.
Lord Vuillard & Strauss

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