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|'''Oxford'''||'''[[GBD]]''' sub-brand / second.
|'''Oxford'''||'''[[GBD]]''' sub-brand / second.
|'''Oxford'''||'''[[Comoy's]]''' sub-brand / second in 30-40s.

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Major Daff BBB sub-brand / second.
Man Pipe Produced by Laxey Pipes Ltd. and distributed by Comoy's.
Mansfield ???
Mansion House Comoy's sub-brand.
Manxpipe, Manxman, Manxland Brands of Laxey Pipes Ltd.
Marcee GBD sub-brand / second.
Mardale Stamped "England"
Masta GBD sub-brand / second.
Masta Masta Patent Pipe Company
Matchless Orlik sub-brand / second.
Matt DeLuxe GBD. Offered as private brand pipe; stampings on customer's comand.
Matt Special GBD. Offered as private brand pipe; stampings on customer's comand.
Mayfair Sasieni sub-brand / second.
McIntosh McIntosh (series: Royal Indian) was probably made in Ireland.
Medley GBD sub-brand / second.
Michel Barling sub-brand / second.
Millville Dennis and John Marshall; Barnet EN5 1AU.
Moorgate Comoy's sub-brand / second.
Mountbatten Charatan sub-brand / second.
Mr. Pickwick Sasieni sub-brand / second.
Mullins & Westley Mullins & Westley Tobacconists; 27A The Piazza, Covent Garden, London. Today probably most famous for their snuff tobaccos. Private label pipes made by various European brands.
Murray-Frame & Love Cadogan brand.
Newcastle Comoy's sub-brand / second. Today a sub-brand of Chacom.
non plus ultra BBB sub-brand / second.
Northern Briar Pipes Ian Walker
O. Barnes & Co. ???
O'Gorman Comoy's sub-brand / second.
Ogden ???
Old England Sasieni sub-brand / second.
OMahoney Ltd. ???
Oppenheimer Pipe Charles, Adolphe, and David Oppenheimer & Louis Adler
Orlik Cadogan brand.
Osman Ltd. ???
Oxford GBD sub-brand / second.
Oxford Comoy's sub-brand / second in 30-40s.
P.O.W. Made for a Scottish firm named G.M. Frame. Compare Prince Of Wales.
Parker Dunhill subsudiary; became Parker-Hardcastle
Peerless GBD sub-brand / second.
Penthouse GBD sub-brand / second.
Pickwick Sasieni sub-brand / second.
Pickwick Arms ???
Pinner GBD sub-brand / second.
Polo Cadogan brand.
Poole & Smythe Dunhill for Poole & Smythe.
Prince Of Wales GBD sub-brand / second. (Among others.)
Prodigy ???; London

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