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Famed for quality and tradition, the pipe maker Bruken - Sucesores de Emilio Navarro bears one of the most symbolic and significant names in the pipe business in Spain.

The company was founded in 1914 by Emilio Navarro Folgado. In the beginning, the grandfather of the current proprietor dedicated himself to the manufacture of finished pipes. In 1935 he expanded his trade by offering half-finished pipe bowls, delivered to many buyers abroad. After his son Emilio Navarro Vilanova, the grandson Emilio Navarro Prosper heads the business today.

Bruken continues to produce finished and half-finished pipes, mainly for sale under foreign brands. The main buyers are found in Ireland, England, Germany and the Americas.

Bruken's own pipes offer a large gamut, from affordable beginners' series like Ena or New Bond to interesting special-edition pipes labeled Millenium to the exclusive, individual Emilio Navarro line.

Contact Information:

Bruken - Sucesores de Emilio Navarro S.L.
Virgen de los Remedios, 14
46960 Aldaya (Valencia)
Tl. +34 96 150 10 23
Fax. +34 96 150 01 87
Homepage: Bruken