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"Cesare" is a second brand produced by Cesare Barontini of Livorno / Italy. Cesare Barontini headed the company from 1955 on.

Catalog page including Cesare pipes, courtesy Doug Valitchka

Another Barontini 2nd is named "Aldo Velani". The name is fiction. Cesare Barontini Pipes are still relatively unknown and under appreciated here in the United States. They do however offer a value rarely matched by some of their more recognized Italian counterparts. Barontini makes very fine pipes, particularly his premium lines. They offer a fine smoking experience at quite a bargain. There are a few brands of Italian pipes on the U.S. market that are hardly known in Italy, as they are made in factories dedicated to the export trade. Aldo Velani is a line imported from Italy by Lane Limited, Dunhill's distributor. Made mostly in Livorno by Cesare Barontini, one of the best known private-label manufacturers, Aldo Velani pipes are classic shapes with an Italian 'twist,' according to Frank Blews, a spokesman for Lane. "Billiards with more 'ball,' bulldogs with more 'jaw,"' is the way he characterizes the line. A medium to large pipe specifically developed for American tastes, the finishes use the names of Italian wines - Soave, Novello, Barolo, Refosco - to suggest their colors, and there is a lot of ornamental work.

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Website: Cesare Barontini (B.B.srl)