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D'CAPO, are Hand Carved Pipes by P.MINOTTI

This are Italian Pipes, hand carved in Argentina by Paolo Minotti his family comes from the city of Cabiate, at the state of Como in Italy, the Minotti family is very well known for a long tradition of ebony cabinet makers and Luthiers since the end of the XIX century.

Pablo began carving his own pipes in 1994, when he began smoking, and gained a grate passion for the art of pipe making and tobacco smoking. He began to sell pipes in 2003 after a long list of friends convinced him to do so, at that time he left the hobby to start a new activity, presenting his work in the 2003 Barcelona Slow Smoking Championship, where he had a grate acceptance from the public, selling all the pipes he sent with the Argentine Tobacco Company Hermes in their stand. After that he started making pipes and selling them in Argentina, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden, United States, Colombia, Uruguay, he also made the exclusive and official pipes for the 5th anniversary of the Buenos Aires Pipe Club and the same for the Circulo de la Pipa de Mexico.

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