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|'''<font size="4">D</font>'''
|'''<font size="4">D</font>'''
|'''[[Dahl]]'''||'''[[Helge Y. Dahl]]''' Ringsted.
|'''[[Dahl]]'''||'''[[Helge Y. Dahl]]'''; Ringsted.
|'''Danbark'''|||Sub-brand of Søren Refbjerg Rasmussen → '''[[Refbjerg]]'''.
|'''Danbark'''|||Sub-brand of Søren Refbjerg Rasmussen → '''[[Refbjerg]]'''.

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ÅGE Åge Bogelund
Åge Bogelund
Aalbørg Second brand produced by Erik Nørding
A. H. Alberth Hansens
Albion An outlet of the former Bentley production.
Andersen Finn Meyan Andersen
Søren "Eric Andersen"; Søndersø.
Anne-Julie "Anne-Julie" Rasmussen, "Anne-Julie" Nielsen; Læsø.
Antique Second brand produced by Viggo Nielsen. Antique pipes are also known from France and Italy.
Anton Poul Anton Knudsen
Arslev Flemming Arslev
Atterup Pibemageri Name of Emil Chonowitsch's workshop
Balleby Pipes Kurt Balleby Hansen; Almind.
BANG S. BANG, Sven Bang; Copoenhagen
Bari A large company in Kolding run for many years by Viggo Nielsen and his sons. Today it's a one-man operation by Helmer Thomsen; Vejen.
Bech Knud Bech; Tårs.
Beck Theodor Beck; Fano
Bierre Dan Bierre.
Ben Wade The Danish Ben Wade were made by Preben Holm.
Benner Bent Nielsen.
Benni Pipes Benni Jørgensen; Præstø.
Bentley Hans Jonny Nielsen aka "Former"
Bertran K. Bertran
Best Danish No details known!
Bijou Second by Stanwell; discontinued.
Bjarne Bjarne Nielsen (broken pipe); Lyngby
BMH No details known!
Bogelund Åge Bogelund
Borgart Leo Borgart; København.
Bötticher Bötticher - Handmade in Denmark
BOYSEN Bent Boysen; also a prominent lamp/furniture designer.
Brakner Peter Brakner (broken pipe)
Brandt Hans Brandt, Fred Brandt; København
CARLOM Maker for Pipe-Dan.
Celius Svend Axel Celius; Bogø By. Broken pipe.
Center for Danish Pipes
Champ of Denmark See Larsen & Stigart and Karl Erik.
Chonowitsch Emil Chonowitsch; Fakse. ?Haslev?
Jess Chonowitsch; Haslev
Christensen Lars Christensen. H. Dan Christensen (owner and designer at Pipe-Dan.
Cortina No details known!
Crown Second brand produced by Preben Holm and today by Poul Winsløw.
Dahl Helge Y. Dahl; Ringsted.
Danbark Sub-brand of Søren Refbjerg Rasmussen → Refbjerg.
Danet's No details known!
Danish Quaint No details known!
Danish Sovereign Second by Stanwell
Danmore The pipes appeared next to other manufacture brands (Tabago, Torben Dansk e.a.) in the first cataloge of DAN PIPE (originally named "Danske Pibe"), a pipe and tobacco mailing enterprise established by Heiko Behrens in 1972. Following the pipes became well-known and quite popular in Germany.
Danske Club Second by Stanwell
Dantonian Pipe Works Sven & Teddy Knudsen; Næstved.
DON / Don Bari sub-brand??? - not confirmed! Series: Old Briar.
Dybsø No details known! (Once mentioned in context with Karl Erik.)
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