Danish Pipe Brands & Makers E - H

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Elborg No details known!
Eltang Tom Eltang; Charlottenlund.
Eriksen Second brand produced by Erik Nørding
Evident No details known!
Excellent A Bari second
Faaborg Brand name used by Viggo Nielsen (†) and his sons. Named for their hometown Faaborg / Fyn.
FEA Used by Poul Rasmussen (†) - unconfirmed!
Flemming Piber Flemming Petersen (†); Borris (Skjern) / Midtjylland.
Flott Pipes Freehand manufacture homed in Randers. See brochure on Chris' Pipe Pages!
Forma "Forma Handmade - Made in Denmark". No details known!
Former Hans Jonny Nielsen; Holme-Olstrup.
Frasorteret Sub-brand by Preben Holm (†).
Frasorteret 05.jpg | Frasorteret 03x.jpg
Frederiksen Nils Frederiksen
Gaden Pibemagerie Mogens Johansen; Frederikshavn / Nordjylland. → Johs.
Garbe Ingo Garbe; Isle of Læsø
Glyn No details known!
Glyn 1.jpg | Glyn 2.jpg
Gottschling Dieter Gottschling; Isle of Læsø
HAJ Hans Aage Jørgensen
Handicraft of Copenhagen Private label brand made for Copenhagen tobacconist Remo Sørensen who bought pipes (mainly) from W.Ø. Larsen and Pibe-Dan.
Hansen Jan Hansen - pseudonym used by Hendrik JørgensenSvendborg.
Kurt Balleby Hansen; Almind. → Balleby Pipes.
Kurt Hansen - elder pipemaker. Works with / for Tom Eltang.
Per Hansen; København. → S. Bang.
Poul Hansen; København.
Harcourt Produced by Preben Holm (†) for Dunhill to secure a share of the Danish fancy boom for Dunhill's principal pipe dealers. Later made by Erik Nørding for a shorter period.
Harcourt 10.jpg | Harcourt 14.jpg
Hartmann Hans Hartmann
Hedegaard Peter Hedegaard (broken pipe); Helsingør.
Heding Peter Heding; Charlottenlund / Sjælland.
Heeschen Peter Heeschen; Holmstrup.
Henley Second by Stanwell; discontinued.
Hetler Hans Hetler (broken pipe)
Torben Hetler
Holbek Gert Holbek; København
Holger Danske Named for the hero of Danish folk legends - maker unknown!
Holm Ole Holm (broken pipe); København
Preben Holm (broken pipe); København
Holmgaard Jens Holmgaard (broken pipe); København
Holtorp P. Holtorp; København

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