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Mac Baren Made for Mac Baren Tobacco Co. in Svendborg by Georg Jensen
MacDonald's No details known!
Madison No details known!
Manduela Ms. Manduela Riger-Kusk; Svendborg.
Marc Dane Sub-brand of Søren Eric Andersen; Søndersø.
Mathiasen A pipemaker Mathiasen couldn't be identified yet. So probably a pseudonym???
Mathiasen 2.jpg |
Michael Apitz Brand likely made by Stanwell, mentioned also in connection with Dan Pipe
Micke Jørn Micke (broken pipe); Bornholm.
Milling, Lars Hesselager.
Monte Verde Sub-brand by Preben Holm (†).
MonteVerde 01.jpg | MonteVerde 01a.jpg | MonteVerde 02.jpg |
Mortensen Borge Mortensen; Aabenraa?; Haderslev.
Mr. Andersen
My Own Blend MOB, Inexpensive pipe brand made by Stanwell for tobacco brand owned by Paul Olsen (Danish Pipe Shop)
Muller, P. J.
Natures Bounty "HANDMADE IN DENMARK" - Maker unknown. Private brand of Iwan Ries Co.; Chicago, IL.
Natures-Bounty 3.jpg | Natures-Bounty 3a.jpg |
Navigator Sub-brand / second of Kriswill.
Neerup Peder Christian Jeppesen
Niels Bro Synonym used by Kai Nielsen
Nielsen Bent Nielsen. → Benner.
Bjarne Nielsen (broken pipe); Lyngby. → Bjarne.
Daniela Nielsen. Pipemaker and wife of Hans Jonny Nielsen → Former
Erik Nielsen
Hans Jonny Nielsen; Holme-Olstrup. → Former.
Ivan Holst Nielsen
Jens Tao NielsenTao.
Jørgen Nielsen; Faaborg
Kai Nielsen; Horne / Fyn
Poul Nielsen → founder of Stanwell.
Tonni Nielsen (now United States)
Viggo Nielsen; Faaborg.
Nimbus Joint venture of Tom Eltang & Former Nielsen.
Noltensmeier Ulf Noltensmeier (S. Bang)
Nørding Pipes Erik Nørding; Slangerup.
Nordisk Pibefabriker Was closed down by the end of the 1960's. In 1970 the brand Svendborg was founded there. Svendborg / Fyn.
North Dane Pipes Maker unknown
Norup Made by Lars Christensen; Vig.
Ocaso Second brand produced by Erik Nørding
Odin Need information
Olsen Henrik Olsen; Grevinge (Zealand)
Poul Olsen
Olsen, Ib Ib Olsen
Onwell No details known - pipe also stamped HANDARBEJDE.
Ottendahl Karl Erik Ottendahl (†); → Karl Erik.
Outrup Pibeservice Karl Kristian Olsen; Outrup.
Ove Lindall
P.U.G. "Handmade Denmark" - No details known!
Partner No details known!
Partout No details known!
Peer Import Need Information
Petersen Flemming PetersenFlemming Piber.
Jesper Bo PetersenJesper Pipes. Petersen holds the world record in pipe smoking: 3.15.37 h (1997).
Ph. Vigen Jes Phillip Vigen Gertsen; København.
Pibe-Dan H. Dan-Christensen's famous Copenhagen pipe & tobacco shop which sadly closed in the 1980s. See catalog on Chris' Pipe Pages!
Prince Amled Ca. 1960's. No details known! Logos & markings
PrinceAmled 01.jpg |
Prince Of Wales A "multi-national" brand...
PrinceOfWales 01.jpg | PrinceOfWales 02.jpg |

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