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Delta Pipes

Delta Pipes

Made by Michael Fauscette. About:

"My experiences in the pipe world have evolved over many years of smoking pleasure. An avid pipe collector and smoker for over 25 years I have developed an affinity for very high end, artisan crafted pipes, mostly from Danish and American craftsmen. That evolution has taken me through the usual cast of characters, first smoking many fine Italian pipes, moving on to English pipes and finally to the world's master carvers like Lars Ivarrson, Jess Chonowitsch and many others. Early in my smoking experience I developed a friendship with a freehand pipe maker and spent many hours in his shop observing the creative process. Through these experiences I have learned to enjoy and identify true quality in design and technical ability.
Professionally I am a software executive in Silicon Valley, a career I have pursued for several years following my ten year stint as a Naval Officer. In the Navy I was trained and worked as a Marine Engineer, focusing on ships with marine gas turbines propulsion. My final assignment in the Navy was as a Chief Engineer on a new Arleigh Burke class Destroyer. As a Marine Engineer I was exposed to and learned all types of machining processes, air flow and fluid flow analysis, etc. These experiences have given me a sound technical basis to translate to pipe design.
In 2001, I started looking for a new creative outlet as a means of having some fun and managing the stress of my professional life. I have always been interested in pipe craft and began to explore the process in detail. I read all of the material I could find, talked with several pipe carvers and in general learned what was required to get started. I set up my shop and began to experiment with designs and methods.
Throughout my life I have been involved in creative activities. My experiences as a musician, painter and woodworker influence my pipe design and craftsmanship. I have taken the ground up approach to the craft, learning by doing and by working with other pipe makers. My pipes use only the finest materials and are all hand made. From the start I refused to use molded stems, forcing myself to learn how to hand make them from rod stock. I do all of my own carving, sand blasting and rustication. The stem materials are all from vulcanite, cumberland, lucite and acrylic rod stock, most imported from a supplier in Germany. In each piece I try to integrate unique design with the highest technical detail. Each piece is an individual and is true functional art. I hope you will join me here often as I continue to evolve in the craft.
Currently I'm taking a break from pipemaking to pursue some other interest. Check back, I'm sure I'll start carving again soon."
Michael Fauscette
Discovery Bay, California

Website: Delta Pipes
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