Demirev Pipes

Kolyo Demirev was born in Bulgaria, but now lives in Prague, Czech Republic.

Kolyo Demirev
Devirev Pipes Smooth Sitter
Demirev Rusticated Volcano

He has been working as an electrician, but that job never satisfied him completely. He has always looked for a place closer to nature and creativity. In pipes he discovered what he was looking for.

The first step in pipe making was in 2012. A good friend gave Demeriv the confidence to pursue pipe making, and they bought a small shop in Prague. The plan was to gain an idea of the stages through which the piece of briar becomes a pipe. On that day he realized that pipe making was what he wanted to do. At that point he researched how to make pipes through photos and videos, any information he could get his hands on, and dreaming about what his future pipes would look like.

Dmeriv pipes are handmade, and finished with carnauba wax. He uses German ebonite, and Italian or Spanish briar.

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