Existence April, 8th 1929 — March 6th 1964
Location Rees (Lower Rhine), Germany
Notable Employees
  • Otto Dietze, Pipe production manager, broken pipe
  • Ernst Lanius, commercial agent, created the Eyland brand, broken pipe

Of Dutch origin Dobbelmann was founded as Louis Dobbelmann Tabakfabrik GmbH in Rees (Lower Rhine) on April, 8th 1929. The production of pipe tobacco started with 25 employees.

Pipes from apple, cherry and beech wood were made since 1946/47. By the end of 1947 the pipe production moved to a newly constructed and very modern workshop building. When briar was available again in Germany around 1950 Dobbelmann quickly changed it's production to briar pipes. Thanks to their excellent quality Dobbelmann pipes went up to #3 ranking German pipe factories.

But in autumn of 1962 Brinkmann Tobacco Company of Bremen bought up Dobbelmann to smash the company. Tobacco production was stopped on September, 15th while pipe production was continued on a low level till the end of the year. The whole inventory was sold to Oldenkott.

Großer Mann, kleiner Mann, alle rauchen Dobbelmann![1]




  1.; translates to Big man, little man, everyone smokes Dobbelmann!.