Dr. Kernel

Dr. Joseph E. Kernel was an Indianapolis, Indiana optometrist. His offices were located in the Traction Terminal Building in Indianapolis, located at 104 N. Illinois Street in 1951.

Bernard Batty, also from Indianapolis, was granted a Patent, Number 2614568, in May of 1950.[1] Batty was born in 1911, and appears to have been the subject of litigation at birth over who his real mother was. His father, also Bernard Batty, appears to have been the director of the William Henry Harrison home and museum in Indianapolis and an executive trustee of the Arthur Jordan Foundation, which owns that home. Tracy Mincer, also from Indianapolis, is famous for, among other pipes, The Doodler. But how these three came together so that Batty earned a 1950 patent for a pipe which looks remarkably like The Doodler, and that patent number ended up on a pipe stamped Dr. Jos. E. Kernel, seems to be unknown.