Dunhill Christmas Pipe

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Written by Andrea Gravano
Contributed by Yang Forcióri

It was in 1980 that the first Dunhill Christmas pipe appeared. Throughout the '80s, own them were a point of honor for collectors: they were available in a few hundred pieces and the supply did not meet the demand: few distributors could have one available to their customers. Since 1982 the pipes have been accompanied by a leather box in the shape of a book. Until 1992 each pipe was exclusively dedicated to Christmas of the year. From 1993 edition, the pipes were further included in a 12-year series, dedicated to fairy tales of the English tradition and accompanied by a silver tamper (that echoes the theme of the fairy tale), as well as by the certificate and leather box.

Since 1993 the Christmas pipe has become less exclusive, not only because of the increases of production but also because the pipe was no longer unique and becomes was tied to a series. This increase in production and availability gave access for more users and made possible the emergence of new collectors from 1993: for some of them, one of these pipes has become the Christmas gift for excellence.

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