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From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by Jose Manuel Lopés'

Andrew Jurkieweicz, has been making his E. Andrew Briars pipes for over 25 years (that would make it nearly 35 now, as of 2015). He learned the art from Jack Uhle (Uhle's tobacco shop), the best specialty shop in Milwaukee, who was taught by Achille Savinelli. For a long time he only sold in shops, and he still does today with his cheaper brands. He produces good freehands, and makes 150 pipes a year, working with briar from Italy, Corsica, and Greece (which he buys from Danish artisans, with whom he has a good relationship), and vulcanite, cumberland and lucite stems. Stamp: date + E.Andrews (in cursive), + BRIARS.

E. Andrew's ( Edward A Jurkiewicz) website

Ed Jerkiewicz, courtesy Doug Valitchka
Quarter Bent Billiard with Rose Colored Acrylic Bit
Freehand with Olive Wood Ferrule

From the E. Andrew's website:


E. Andrew Briars. A unique blend of creative and classic craftsmanship combined to delight the most discriminating briar enthusiast, using well-aged Italian, Corsican, and Greek briar fashioned in imaginative free-hand and timeless traditional shapes.

Canadian with Black Rose Acrylic Bit
Small Horn with Decorative Top

Production and quantities are limited due to the special nature of the product, style and variety are subject only to the limits of imagination.

Pipes are available in both sandblast and smooth finishes. Sand blast pipes are genuine sand blasts, of rugged appearance with no attempt to conceal nature. All pipes are conditioned in the oldest and most expensive method to provide a long lasting pipe of superb quality. Pipes are earth-tone colored from golden tan through oranges, browns, reds, dark reds, and black.

Contact Information:

E. Andrew Briars
Edward Andrew Jurkiewicz
7424 W. Pineberry Ridge
Franklin, Wisconsin 53132

Phone: 414 427 8033
E-mail: eandrew@execpc.com
Website: E. Andrew Briars