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For more images of Elie's artistry, please visit his website: Elie's Freehand Pipes
Elie Pipe02.jpg
Elie Pipe01.jpg

I am Elie, living and working in France.

There's not that much to be told about me. I'm a mostly self taught pipe maker who is passionate about this art. As you will notice from the images: I don't stick to one style, one material.

I love to work with briar, and sometimes with olive- and strawberry-wood, that I have harvested, cut, selected and dried myself in Portugal.

Elie Pipe03.jpg
Elie Pipe05.jpg
Prince Iwan

My emphasis is on form and colour. And quality, of course. Mostly unusual pipes. I'm well known around the world for being the only maker of system- (aluminium body) pipes on an artisan scale, also making bowls and parts for collectors of vintage metal pipes.

About quality : I have 3 grades.

A : Highest grade.

S: Smokers' grade. Very small flaws, hardly noticeable.

R: Reject. In this case, something went wrong, but smoke-wise: OK.