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For more images of Elie's artistry, please visit his website: Elie's Freehand Pipes
Elie Pipe02.jpg
Elie Pipe01.jpg

I am Elie, living and working in France and in Belgium.

There's not that much to be told about me. I'm a mostly self taught pipe maker who is passionate about this art. As you will notice from the images: I don't stick to one style, one material.

I love to work with briar (at this moment Algerian, Italian and Spanish), and sometimes with olive- and strawberry-wood, that I have harvested, cut, selected and dried myself in Portugal.

Elie Pipe03.jpg
Elie Pipe05.jpg
Prince Iwan

My emphasis is on form and color. And quality, of course.

About quality : I have 5 grades.(CHANGED!)

A+ : Highest grade which you will rarely see on this site. 'A+'means to me: 'can't be better'.

A: Technically OK. Be it that my A can be someone else's A+.

B: Small flaws, hardly noticeable.

C: Something went wrong, but it is perfectly smokeable. Maybe the flaw won't mind to you.

R: Reject. In this case, something went horribly wrong, but I hate to throw away a perfectly smokable pipe. I won't forget the times, when I couldn't afford myself a freehand. Today there are still a lot of people in that situation, and their number is growing. I will lose money on this grade, but I don't mind.