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Gustave Fischer was pipe maker for "The House of Fischer', which was located in Orchard Park, NY, near Buffalo.

Fischer 04.jpg

The Fischer family apparently made pipes for six generations, starting in Germany and continuing in the United States until the 1970s. Their literature from 1956 said that all their briars were bench made. They also made meerschaums, but some confusion is caused by the fact that there was also Gustav Fischer, who made meerschaum pipes in Boston during roughly the same period.

The following information is gleaned from a thread on

Fischer pipes were made in USA through the 1950's up to late 1978 when the owner, Paul Fischer retired, sold the store and moved to Florida in 1978. Unfortunately The House of Fischer did not use a date stamp on their pipes, and therefore it is not possible to determine the exact date of manufacture.

This is a list of various Fischer pipe stampings from my personal collection of over sixty Fischer pipes accumulated over the past forty plus years. It is by no means meant to be all-inclusive, however, if you find more Fischer pipe stampings please email me so I can update my list.

  1. Fischer Supreme
  2. Fischer Royal
  3. Fischer Imperial
  4. Fischer Golden 15
  5. Fischer 15 Grand
  6. Fischer 25 Grand
  7. Fischer Ramsgate
  8. Fischer Deluxe
  9. Fischer Special
  10. Fischer Texan (for which they applied for a patent)
  11. Fischer Seconds
Fischer Pipes 
Buffalo, NY
Store closed in 1978. 

Former address:
House of Fischer
1722 Boston Ridge Road
Orchard Park, NY

  • Ben Rapaport has written an excellent article for Pipes and Tobacco Magazine titled, "Fischer who’s who", Masters of Meerschaum … Distinctly Different Dynasties. Part of it is currently available on-line Here. He does a thorough job explaining the difficulties in nailing things down with this brand, as well as the pitfalls while researching via the internet. Thank you for your excellent research work, Ben!