French Pipe Brands & Makers A - K

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This table of contents is meant to give you an overview on brands & makers which are registered so far and to allow a quick access. To read an article please click on the links in blue color. Note: Articles with no content yet are indicated in red color! You can easily start a new article by clicking on the red links and editing the page. Brands & makers appearing in black color provide information in short form.

A l'Oriental Founded in 1862
A. Burlet Early 20th century French factory
A. Lacroix SARL Andre Lacroix, see also Lacroix
Ad Hoc Pipe Brand of Denis Blanc's Ad Hoc Pipe Shop
AGE Brand of La Bruyere
Albuisson Alain Albuisson
Algerian Briar may be associated with La Bruyère
Altadis The Altadis tobacco brand's test pipe.
Aimé Besson brand and name of late 19th century factory.
Andrè Lançon Early 20th century factory
Aonian O on top of stem
APL Brand from the André Lançon factory
Ascot Sub-brand / Second by Chacom
Barok Maker unknown; stamped "Bruyere - St. Claude"
Bayard Sub-brand / Second by Chacom
Bayle Private label brand made in Saint-Claude by Genod or EWA Pipe. Created in 1968 by Jean Etienne Gustave Bayle
and discontinued in 1980.
Beldor Maker unknown; series: De Luxe, Golf, Western
Berrod-Regad Later a holding company. Brands: Bontemps, Butz-Choquin, Chap, Claude Romain, Jima.
Production in 1999 was 230,000 pipes.
Bontemps Brand of Berrod-Regad
BR Probably used by Berrod-Regad
Bretton Hall Old French Brand / factory made in Saint-Claude, which closed in the late 50's.
Bristol Sport ???
Butz-Choquin Société des pipes Butz-Choquin
Camelia Obsolete brand by GBD in Paris
Casino de Luxe Sub-brand / Second by Chacom
Chacom Chapuis-Comoy & Cie Sarl; since 1987 Cuty Fort Group
Chap Chapel Frères & Cie; later a brand of Berrod-Regad
Chretin Jean Chretin JC in Saint-Claude
Corsica Sub-brand / Second by Vuillard
Courrieu Charles Courrieu
Cragmoor ???
Cuty Fort Group Joint venture of Chacom, Jeantet, Lacroix and Vuillard; est. 1987
Darville ???
Dr. Boston Sub-brand / Second by Butz-Choquin
Dr. Plumb Originally a brand of GBD (Paris); now made by Cadogan in GB
Enrique David Enrique (needs more editing)
Eole House made brand of La Pipe Rit, Saint-Claude
EWA Pipe Was Waille before
Firex Series known: Gold Crown
Gardhill Maker unknown!
Gefapip Maker unknown!
Genod Jacques Craen
GOC Gros, Grenier, Ostero & Cie.
Graco Maker unknown!
Guilland Paul Guilland
GVG The initials of Georges Vincent-Genod, long (and still) used for some Genod pipes.
Hami ???
Harpoon ???
Hermes Pipes ???
Hilex Stamped "Fait Main - Algerian Briar"
Jeantet Since 1987 Cuty Fort Group
Jima System pipe, brand of Berrod-Regad
Jumbos ???