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|'''[[Lacroix]]'''||Jean Lacroix; since 1987 Cuty Fort Group
|'''[[Lacroix]]'''||Jean Lacroix; since 1987 Cuty Fort Group
|'''[[Lançon, André]]'''||Early 20th century factory
|'''[[Lanier]]'''||Paul Lanier
|'''[[Lanier]]'''||Paul Lanier

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This table of contents is meant to give you an overview on brands & makers which are registered so far and to allow a quick access. To read an article please click on the links in blue color. Note: Articles with no content yet are indicated in red color! You can easily start a new article by clicking on the red links and editing the page. Brands & makers appearing in black color provide information in short form.

La Bruyère Pipe making company as joint venture of Chacom and ?; 1932 - 1957
La Normandy Pierre Morel & Son
Lacroix Jean Lacroix; since 1987 Cuty Fort Group
Lanier Paul Lanier
Lavanpol ???
Le Chevalier ???
Le Roi
Longchamp Jean Cassegrain
Ma Colombe Jean Masson
Maida Vale ???
Majestic CGF Paris
Marechal Ruchon & Cie. See GBD
Melan Pipe Melan Pipe - Thierry MELAN
Mercier Private label brand or P. Mercier, Paris.
Morel Pierre Morel
Mr. Hyde Pipes Handmade Smoking Pipes. Made in France by the hands of a Brazilian.
Neuve ???
Noxx-all St. Claude, purchased by Jeantet
Nevada ???
Newcastle Once a second of Comoy's, now made by Chacom. Design by Yves Grenard.
Paul Viou Paul Viou is a fictional name. Brand of Genod.
Perrin Pipe Perrin, Saint-Claude - Maker unknown!
Peter Piper Obsolete brand by GBD in Paris
Piazzolla Pascal Piazzolla
Pierre Cardin "Designer pipes" - the namesake Pierre Cardin is a famous couturier and designer.
Pipe de Roi André Bourgeois
PLM Maker unknown!
President Maker unknown!
Prior Sub-brand / Second by GOC
Radford's Pipes Private label pipes made by Chacom for Pöschl Tabak GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Rattray's Pipes Originally Scotland, now Private label pipes made by Butz-Choquin for Charles Rattray's Tobaccos.
Reybier Bernard Reybier
Romain Claude Romain
Ropp Owned by Chacom since 1994
Royal Ascot ???; Budget pipe
Ryegate ???; stamped "French Briar - Made In France"
ST Claude JP on stem
S.T. Dupont de Paris Made by Chacom
Saville ???
Sébilo Patrice Sébilo
Sefton Obsolete brand made for E. Deguingand & Cie.
Talbert Pipes Trever Talbert (United States, now France)
The Royal Coachman Private label brand of "The Tinder Box", USA. Made by Chacom
Tom Thumb Very small - stamped real briar
Vincent Roger Vincent
Vuillard Henri Vuillard & Cie. Since 1987 Cuty Fort Group
Vuillermoz et Goujon Brands: Aerator, Dr. Scott, Normandie, Oceana, Phonix, Ventil, VRG
Waille See EWA Pipe
Wessex Originally a brand of Hall & Fitzgerald Co. Made by Chacom
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