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Richard Friedman
A Brandy in progress
Friedman working in Tonni Nielsen's workshop
Natural Volcano
Friedman in his workshop
Group of Billiards

Richard Friedman – Pipe Maker: I have spent a lifetime as a working mariner. My wife Nancy and I are owners of a charter yacht offering weeklong private cruises for small groups in Alaska. She is the Chef and I am the Captain. With my love of the sea I have built a collection of “Sea Creature” pipes (whales, porpoises, nautilus, snails, urchins, etc.)

In 1967 My Uncle bought me my first pipe at the old Barclay Rex shop in New York. That pipe was a W.O. Larsen blasted pickaxe. I have been a pipe smoker ever since, collecting pipes ever since. My collection has always had an emphasis on Danish pipes, Larsen pipes in particular.

I had the great good fortune to meet Tonni Nielsen at the Richmond pipe show many years ago. There Tonni confirmed what I had suspected…many of the high grade Larsen pipes in my collection were carved by him. Since then Tonni and I have become close friends. A few years ago, he offered to teach me how to make pipes. I spent two weeks in Tonni’s workshop, getting an invaluable jump start in the art of pipe making. It was like having Eric Clapton teach me how to play guitar.

My workshop is in our winter harbor, Bellingham, Washington. My work is seasonal allowing me a solid six months out of the year to pursue my passion for pipe making. I have been making some classical shapes but more often make Danish freehand style pipes.

Not having to earn a living from pipe making leaves me free to experiment with different ideas and innovations as well as branch out into more sculptural creations.

I have been experimenting with second chamber (reverse calabash) pipes with the second chamber incorporated in the shank to render a more conventional shape.

Contact Information:

Phone: (360) 510-2213
Facebook: Richard M Friedman