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Gamboni Handmade Pipes


Gian Maria Gamboni about himself:

I was born in Florence, Italy, but usually I live between Rome, Milan and the west coast of Sardinia. I currently work as network engineer in Switzerland.

Pipes are my passion, about fifteen years ago, when I began to collect smoking pipes, I would have never thought that one day I would build my own pipes, but in 2007, the curiosity brought me to make the first one. It was a surprize for me when that same day a friend of mine took that brand new pipe for himself. Then I made a second one, and so on. Each pipe is unique in shape, dimensions and color, crafted by hand from the aged bare briar block, coming from Liguria or Tuscany, that I personally select in place. All of my stems are made in volcanite starting from the raw rod coming from Germany.I tend to realize smooth and polished pieces, but anyway, during the work, some minor impefection may arise on the wood surface: in that case I will try to blast/rusticate or reserve them for my fireplace.

Gian Maria Gamboni
E-mail: gmgpipes@yahoo.es
Website: My WebSite