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Gamboni Handmade Pipes


Gian Maria Gamboni about himself:

I was born in Florence, Italy, but usually I live between Rome, Milan and the west coast of Sardinia. I currently work as network engineer in Switzerland.

Pipes are my passion, about fifteen years ago, when I began to collect smoking pipes, I would have never thought that one day I would build my own pipes, but two years ago (2007), the curiosity brought me to make the first one. It was a surprize for me when that same day a friend of mine took that brand new pipe for himself. Then I made a second one, and so on.

Now I build about ten pipes per month. Each pipe is unique in shape, dimensions and color, crafted by hand from the aged bare briar block, coming from Calabria or Tuscany, that I personally select in the place. All of my stems are made in volcanite and sometimes in lucite or horn. I tend to realize smooth and polished pieces, but anyway, during the work, some minor impefection may arise on the wood surface: in that case I will rusticate or sandblast.

Two words about grading system, since 2009/01:

R/X  : Rusticated

D [COL] : Dark Sandblasted

P [COL] : Natural Sandblasted

C [COL] : Clear briar surface

B [COL] : Flamed / Birdeyed S [COL] : Narrow flame / birdeye The symbol COL, indicates Collector Series. The format of stamp is [COL] X YY Z, where X means the grade YY, Z respectively mean the year of production and the years of activity. Example: COL P 09 2 -> Collector, Natural sandblasted, made in 2009, second year of activity.

Gian Maria Gamboni
Website: My Gallery