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In 1938 Mario Gasparini, with his wife Ida, took his first steps into the world of the pipe. Today his daughter, Marisa Gasparini, sits at his desk; since 1977 Marisa and her husband, and now her daughter, carry on the tradition of her family.

Gasparini Pipe01.jpg
Marisa Gasparini
Gasparini Factory, courtesy Doug Valitchka
Gasparini "Fatta a mano" (Hand Made) - Emanuele Mauro Collection
Brochure, courtesy Doug Valitchka

At the beginning of 1950's, the building, that still today hosts the production department, was enlarged. In 1971 the offices and the warehouse were moved from Milan (where they were situated for marketing purposes) to Luvinate.

During those years the skilled workers and our direct partners have always followed the history of the Gasparini factory, becoming very fond of it and devoting themselves, with care and love, to the making of each pipe, with the personal fantasy and skills of the artist. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those artisans who, with their creativity, gave, and continue to give, life to the Gasparini Pipe factory.

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In our production we only use selected briar from Italy and in small quanitites from Greece. We only use naturally dried briar, without using other ways to dry it faster. It would speed up the drying process, but doubtless it alters the harmonic process of the wood fibres. We leave each block of briar in our warehouses to rest and dry for several months, or even years for those pipes of higher quality. The dried blocks of briar then go to the hands of our creators of models: they follow, with art and fantasy, the grain of the wood.

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The cycle of manufacture is basically divided into two separate branches:

  • Pipes from the series "Fatta a Mano" and "da Collezione" are completely hand made, rigorously produced from the best selected briar; the estrus(?) and fantasy of our masters is surely more evident in these series of pipes.
  • Serial pipes are partially machine made (the bowl, shank and drilling) and they are divided into various categories based on the quality and finish.

If we should list the series of pipes which marked our manufacture during years, we can surely mention:

  • "M.G.M." started in 1965; a pipe with a classical line
  • "PRESIDENTE" made for the meeting in Rome with the Italian President, Sandro Pertini (1977)
  • "COBRA" with a sinuous shape and a peculiar drilling (1979)
  • "Gasparini SPECIAL" always made with classical shapes (beginning of the 1980's)
  • "DIAMOND" large pieces with silvery band; smooth or sandblasted finish (beginning of the 1990's).
Gasparini Pipe04.jpg

Besides these series with very classical lines, during the years we have always made the creation of unique pieces for the series "Fatta a Mano" (Hand Made) and "per Collezionisti" (for collectors).

Another particular feature of our manufacture, is the pipe with a Meerschaum bowl that we obtain working with pure block Meerchaum, inserting it in finished pipes.

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