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"For twenty years my work, my experience and my passion as repairer in the world of pipes, has allowed me to meet the necessities of the every smoker, collector or just simply a person who is keen on pipes and who wants his pipes to be repaired in a careful and precise way, above all at competitive and estimated prices. As a matter of fact, in my workshop in Turin (Italy) I am capable of doing every kind of repair on your pipes: in particular to substitute old and damaged flocks. Mouthpieces can be replaced with their original models of all the best makes. They are either available in methacrylate or ebonite, (pre-printed or in bars, black and cumberland). The customers who want the best will find precious and exclusive materials like real horn and cultivated amber. Furthermore, I can also restore your meerschaum pipes as well.

Now, after having dedicated years repairing pipes, I have decided to propose some of my own hand-made models. The pipes are made with high quality briar and beautiful mouthpieces made of horn and amber. Originals and unique models are also skilfully worked and your collection cannot miss them."

Mauro Gilli
Via Rossini 8
I - 10092 Beinasco(Torino)
Phone/Fax: ++39 011 3972307
Homepage: Mauro Gilli