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Giordano Pipe

Giordano cutting briar
Domenico Giordano with his grand children

Domenico Giordano's is a briar cutter, supplying plateaux brair for hand made artisan pipes, as well as ebachon blocks for factory made pipes. He was born in Melito di Porto Salvo in the province of Reggio Calabria May 24, 1941, and lived in Badalucco for more than forty years. Dadalucco is a typical Ligurian hinterland, just a few kilometers from the coast and close to the famous Sanremo.

Domenico's first steps were at the age of twelve at the Family sawmill, Surfaro Gulli 'Melito in Calabria, where he worked for for his father, Giovanni Battista Giordano who was an expert sawyer.

The company closed in the 1950s and Domenico moved with his father goes to work at the Family Create sawmill in nearby San Lorenzo. These were the most prosperous years for the production of pipes. This area of Calabria was full of briar, and large quantities of it were supplied to make pipes around the world.

Domenico Giordano was an excellent young sawyer, and quickly became one of the best short-cutters in the area. Unfortunately, the factory began to have problems, but the best sawyers looked to new horizons in Liguria, an area also rich in briar. So in the early 1960s he moved to Liguria, where in 1967 he opened his own company.

Domenico also makes pipes as a hobby. Every model is freehand made, the shape being sketched roughly on the block and then following the unique graining of each piece of wood. The prices start at €50.00 and go up to €750.00 for the best pipes which are sometimes sculpted.

Giordano also offers precisely pre-worked pipe kits. Customers are welcome to visit his laboratory to see where and how his masterpieces are made.

Contact Information

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Domenico Giordano
Strada Poggio 25
18010 Badalucco (Imperia)

Phoene & Fax: +39 0184 408123
Website: Giordano Pipe