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Inspired forms,

gently revealed,

with neat synergy.

All that is in a pipemaker's mind...

Kostas started making pipes from the years he was a student. He encountered problems with tongue byte and trying to solve it he invent his "Aspida".

He made a few pipes for him and friends, but he really got involved with pipemaking when members from Greek pipeclub approached him.

After some years he made the year pipe for the club...

"Every single item is a piece of art and soul.

Becomes a masterpiece when in touch with Aspida".


Aspida (a Greek word that means "shield"), consists of a small aluminum insert fitted between the pipe bowl and mouthpiece, able to accept a normal filter.

On the nose tip there is a vertical flat surface, where the hot smoke steam hits against and so acts as a:

Smoke cooler - Excellent natural multi-filter - Moisture trap - Humidity regulator

Life care ...for life!

Contact Information:

Chalandri, Athens, GREECE

Mobile: 0030-6947-07-1985

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kostas.gourvelos

Instagram: https://instagram.com/kostas_gourvelos

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/woodturninggr

E-mail: kg@woodturning.gr (mailto:kg@woodturning.gr)

Web Site: http://www.kg-pipes.gr

Here you can see some of his work:

#1415, Gramophone
#1415, Gramophone
#1441, Mirrored Reverse Calabash
#1441, Mirrored Reverse Calabash
#208, Morta with mokume
#50, Frappe!
#1384, Beach Stones!
#337, Tobacco Leaf
#1384, Beach Stones!