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Mark Gradberg, owner and creator of Gray Mountain Pipes, comes from a family that has been involved with fine craftsmanship for many years.

The name Gradberg means Gray Mountain in Swedish, or so Mark’s grandfather told him years ago. There is lighthearted controversy in the family that the name really means Grand Mountain or even that the word berg refers to a town or village, but Mark says that if Gray Mountain was good enough for his grandfather, it’s good enough for him. Whatever the case, the name Gradberg has meant fine craftsmanship for generations. From fine finish carpentry and cabinet making to stone masonry and miniature coach building, the Gradberg family has adhered to the belief that name and reputation are synonymous with the quality of work produced. Mark has spent much of his life producing intricate miniature wood models for HO-scale model railroading.

In 1995, he decided to try his hand at carving his own freehand pipe. This led to a new hobby of carving freehands for himself, family, and friends. He began to receive requests and inquiries from fellow pipesmokers and pipeshop owners who showed great interest in his creations.

In 1999, a disability forced Mark to stop working and this became his opportunity. He could turn his dreams to reality by working for himself and carving one-of-a-kind wood sculpture freehand pipes that would grow in appeal as the years passed.

Contact information

Website: Gray Montain Pipes
Phone: (815)-937-4517 
       (815) 505-1112
Gray Mountain Pipes
968 N 2750 West Road
Kankakee, IL 60901