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Poul Hansen, Danish pipe maker Courtesy of Danish-Pipes.com:

Poul Hansen Pipe01.jpg

Hansen briars were carved in the 1960's and 70ties by a "student" of Sixten Ivarsson's by the name of Poul Hansen.

Hansen was a very skilled toolmaker and he made a lot of tools and machines for a large number of the Danish pipe makers in the early 60ties. He was inspired by the many beautiful pipes he saw when he visited the pipe makers and soon he decided to try out the art himself.

Poul Hansen Pipe03.jpg

Poul Hansen was basically "self taught" but Sixten Ivarsson helped him get started and taught him all the vital "tricks". Soon Hansen was in business and right from the start he concentrated on the American, Japanese and German markets.

Iwan Ries in Chicago was one of his American dealers and in catalogs form the late 60ties and early 70ties you can find Poul Hansen pipes ranging from 125-500 $US. In Japan, his pipes were prized even higher at the same time.

Poul Hansen Pipe02.jpg

For the German market, Hansen made some very elegant 9mm filter pipes. In Denmark he only sold a very limited amount of pipes - but some of his very best.

Poul Hansen is little known in today's circles, those collectors (especially in the States) who have his pipes, tend not to sell them.

When Poul Hansen in 1998, at a very old age, decided to stop making pipes (due to his poor eyesight), the remains of his workshop, including a fairly large number of pipes, were bought by one of the leading Danish suppliers of briar and rods. Some of the tools are still there, but all the pipes was obtained by Lars Kiel (www.danishpipemakers.com) in early 2002. Some of these pipes are now up for sale.