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Hollywood Briar

Hollywood Briar

The artisan behind Hollywood Briar is David Hopper, born Jan. 21., 1972. David lives in a small college community in Southeast Missouri, with his wife Leanne and his 2 children; Ashton and Kate. In his main profession he works as a financial advisor.

He had quit on pipe smoking for a while but picked it up again, enjoying the relaxing nature and freedom it allows him. His favorite tobaccos are all over the spectrum with Va/Pers now leading the way. He's also smoked cigars now for 4 years and that is his main smoking staple. David decided to try his hand at carving considering this as somewhat of a dare and a challenge to see what he could do.

The first pipe was made from a pre-drilled pipe kit with a bent stem found on eBay. Viewing back, it wasn't an ideal piece of wood, but it turned out ok and gained him friendly critics on the Pipemakersforum. David had hand carved the briar and trim cut the stem to match. At this point he hadn't set up much of a shop area yet, so all was done with a coping saw, rasps, and sandpaper. Since then he added a Dremel, set up a buffing station and other basic machine tools for a better finishing process.

What started as a hobbyistic attempt has quickly turned into obsession - "I am ate up with it!" in his own words.

Eager to improve his skills continously David attended the pipe making seminar at Chicago Pipe Show with Kirk Bosi and Brian Ruthenberg as main instructors. But also Teddy Knudsen, Jeff Gracik, Alex Florov, Brad Pohlmann and others more stopped by to add help and advice. This participation turned out some very nice blasted pieces. Considering the short time he's around as a pipemaker the progress is astonishing!

David Hopper
?; Southeast Missouri

Phone: ?
E-mail: [mailto: ?]
Website: Hollywood Briar
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