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From Kurt's website:

Every once in a while a pipemaker makes a pipe that is exactly how he envisioned it. This is not one of those pipes. This volcano is WAY BETTER than what I had seen in my minds eye when I started work on it. The grain lining up was exactly what I had planned, but the overall shape changed slightly halfway through shaping to work around a couple of flaws on the bottom, and the top got slightly more graceful to help accentuate the bottom:


This pipe is also a major step forward in my pipe making career. The entire stummel was shaped prior to drilling a single hole. I'm expecting some bits designed for exactly this purpose, but in the meantime I decided to give it a wack with some silver and deming bits that I reshaped myself. I think I might have a knack for this method of shaping - says the guy who's only done it once.

The stain I used here is just a very light mahogany - just enough to accent the grain without overpowering it. I also didn't want to radically change the natural wood color, as this wood should color very nicely. The stem, of course, is handcut ebonite, and the pipe will pass a cleaner.

Important Info; Length: 6" (15.25cm); Height: 2.25" (5.7cm); Chamber Diamter: .875" (2.2cm); Chamber Depth: 1.5" (3.8cm); Stem Material: hand cut ebonite; Bit Thickness: .17" (4.3mm); Airway Diameter: 5/32" (3.9mm); Weight: 2.4oz (67g)

The A.S.P. pipe of the year 2007


The A.S.P. pipe of the year is a special pipe chosen by the members of the USENET group alt.smokers.pipes to comemerate each year. This year, the votes were tallied, and the chosen shape was POKER. Each pipe maker taking part in the project is given some leeway to make the shape thier own, and this is my interpretation of the poker shape.

Those that know me will be quick to point out that I rarely bow to convention, and this pipe is no expection. I suppose you could call it a "poker variant". The bottom is flattened to allow the pipe to sit, and the flattened area extands partially onto the shank, making for a rather unique take on the shape.

An idea, a project, a new line of pipes...

Kurt has just announced a brandnew line of tabletop pipes, the Mount Doom line. For the full story see also Kurt's blog.

Kurt A. Huhn
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Clayville, Rhode Island 02815

Tel.: 410 - 248 - 4364
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