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Hynick 11.jpg

When Tim Hynick showed his first pipes the first reports were quite enthusiastic saying his pipes actually should ask twice the price and "Hurry before he gets real famous!". Nevertheless, Hynick, living in the Boston area, Massachusetts still seems to be an insider tip among pipe dabsters from New England.

Based in Massachusetts, USA, Tim is grateful for the help and support he received from several very accomplished and great American pipe makers during the early years of his pipe making. He uses quality briar, which he gets from reliable sources that other high end pipe makers use. Most of Tim's pipes are Danish style freehands and medium to large size classics. Attention to detail, creativity and great craftsmanship would instantly strike the pipe collector, as soon as he holds a Tim Hynick Pipe. His rustication style and the rusticated pipes he carves are truly unique and exquisite. They look like early formations of rocks with their impressively craggy exteriors. Tim also hand turns, with great precision, very elegant acrylic and Cumberland stems, some of which may feature complimenting silver and copper ring inlays that add to the overall beauty of his finished product. Best of all, you will find his pipes to be very modestly priced, for a high quality handmade American pipe, given today’s wallet breaking prices in the high end category.

The best source of information is an interesting article A Visit to Pipemaker Tim Hynick by Nelson Pidgeon - please enjoy!