Il Ciocco

Antimo Parolise, maker of Il Ciocco pipes sent the follow:

Antimo (Mimmo) Parolise
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My name is Antimo Parolise, for many friends I am known as Mimmo, born in 1963 and I live in Pescara, Italy,, from where, in a few minutes by car, you can admire enchanting places. The pine forest of Annunziana with its perfumes, the Adriatic sea and its Marina, the coast with its Trabocchi and the heavenly Majella are just some goodies that this city offers and that make it an enchanting place.

My passion for the pipe was born unconsciously one night when an unstoppable and strange desire to buy one was added to me, the emotion was such that it made me sleepless. The next day, early, I went to my trusted dealer, with the adrenaline skyrocketing and fasting from every notion of smoking pipes, I bought my first pipe. When he returned home and, looking at it and looking at it, a visceral relationship with the object unexplainably, not limited only to the gesture of smoking it but also to the desire to achieve it.

Previously I had already had approaches with wood by restoring antique furniture dating back to the late 1800s, achieving excellent results, according to some restorers. Therefore, helped by good dexterity, after having learned notions on books, pdf and videos found on the net, I started the realization of my first pipe whose result was clearly not satisfactory, but encouraging. From that day I continued unperturbed to make pipes experimenting with procedures and techniques of drilling, sanding, coloring and polishing up to today.

I do not deny that many briars, alas, ended up in the "cemetery of the pipes", which I still retain as a relic, because a pipe that came out badly never throws itself, but it can be revived "reviving" it in another form (insert , laying pipes, tampers, other).

My pipes are made exclusively from plates of the best quality of Italian Briar, Strawberry, Olive Wood, Bog Oak, but I don't mind experimenting with other essences; the mouthpieces are in methacrylate or ebonite, according to need.

I prefer the free forms because the veins of the briar already suggest the natural form and therefore it is up to me only the pleasure and emotion of "freeing the pipe from its shell", but I am also a lover of classical forms.

So between the serious and the facetious is born "Il Ciocco", a handmade product where each piece is a unique and irreproducible specimen.


* briar with no flaming or partridge eyes
** briar with modest flaming or modest presence of partridge eyes
*** briar with normal flaming or normal presence of partridge eyes
**** briar with narrow flaming or high presence of partridge eyes
***** briar with exceptional flaming or exceptional presence of partridge eyes

Special thanks to all those who encouraged and supported me along this path.
Antimo Parolise

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