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Compilation, courtesy Doug Valitchka

Artisan: Joan Bonet i Nadal born in 1929, died 2017.

Nickname: "Bonet de ses pipes" The logo is the outline of the Maiorca island.

Joan Bonet Nadal was born in Manacor on November 10, 1929.

During the military uprising of 1936, Sebastià Bonet, his father, was imprisoned for belonging to Esquerra Republicana. From the age of seven, Joan Bonet and his mother toured the prisons and labor camps of Mallorca, as well as the concentration camp of Formentera, to visit the imprisoned father. In the Manacor prison, Sebastià Bonet set up, together with other prisoners, a craft pipe workshop. Once free, he set up a pipe production business with his wife and son.

When Joan Bonethe reached the age of leaving school, at the age of fourteen, he also learned the trade to which he has been engaged all his life and which is worth the recognition of smokers from all over the world, as well as the pseudonym of " Bonet of his pipes ". In 1982 he made a pipe for a thousand smokers listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. He was honorary president of the Pipa Club of Spain, as well as participating in international pipe smoking championships around the world.

The vocation of Joan Bonet as a writer and willingness to learn to write in Catalan, along with his passion for the pipes lead to the translation of the Spanish in 1975, the book The art of smoking a pipe, by Joaquim Verdaguer. From that moment on he also devoted himself to writing books that have the pipe as their backbone.

He is the author of the short story titles Les rondalles de la pipa , from 1978, ... And smoking a pipe! , from 1981, and Pipades i vivències , published in 1983. In 2004 it appears With pipa and without: the sixth sense and other contexts . He is also the author of the popular works Las pipas: prontuario de pipología , from 1978, and La pipa en Baleares, from 1980. Cultural activist and defender of the Catalan language, he was a recognized figure both in Mallorca, in general, and in the Hostalets district of Palma, where he had his workshop. He was an Honorary Member of the Catalan Language Writers Association.

Joan Bonet Nadal died in Palma on July 12, 2017.