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History of the firm

Jan Klouček - JanPipes

The name of this pipemaker is Jan Klouček. He has produced pipes with the mark JanPipes from the year 1999. His first experiences of tobacco pipes he received in "Baker Street" pipe and tobacco shop in Celetna Street, Prague. Later he had the honour to learn the pipe craft directly in its cradle, the French city Saint-Claude.

At first, the history of his work-shop looks to be short, but now he co-operates with the distinguished foreign partners and the pipes with mark JanPipes held the interest of Czech and foreign clients. In the course of forming his work-shop the important point was the close contact with the distinguished French company Chacom whose proprietor, Mr. Yves Grenard, helped him a lot with the commencement of tobacco pipes production and who became the most important expert adviser.

That's how they transfered one part of the French tradition of pipe production to Bohemia. Jan Klouček follows the local tradition of pipe production in Kostelec nad Černými lesy where he has installed his workshop. In the 19th century the local manufacturers produced fictile(?) and ceramic bowls. In producing pipes, he considers that to perfectly manage the craft is the most important base for freehand creation. To perfect this craft, he has produced, during the existence of his company, more than one hundred thousand pipes, the majority being the classic shapes. Later he started to produce exclusive pipes.

He divides his manufacturing programme into two basic groups: standard pipes and exclusive model lines. The standard line he makes in a few firm, classic and conservative forms of design, all of them in different finish and colour design. The standard line is primarily destined for the Czech market. The high point of his production are the exclusive pipes, of course. They are highly creative and in concieving their original design he takes inspiration from architecture, technical or natural motives. In creating designs for these pipes, the grain of wood and the best quality of briar play a very important role, which he chooses with extreme care for these pipes. The exclusive pipes give pleasure even to the exigent pipe-smokers. They are absolutely handmade in limited series and generally completed with accessories of solid silver to distinguish its originality.

Contact Info

Jan Klouček
Pipe Manufacturer JanPipes
Address Workshop: Netus Ltd., Jevanská 1065, 28163 Kostelec n.C.l., Czech Republik 

Phone:   +420 602203105
Fax.:    +420 321698006
E-mail:  mailto:clientele@janpipes.cz
Website: JanPipes