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[[Category: Pipe makers by nationality]]
[[Category: Pipe makers by nationality]]
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[[Category: Germany]]

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All Jarugski Pipes are tastefully hand-carved from the high-grade Corsican and Mediterranean wood and can be regarded both as smoking pipes of high quality as well as pieces of art for art collectors.

Because of uneven textures and a high hardness grade of briar wood it is rather untypical for such pipes to be designed as art objects with sophisticated carving details. The sensitive hands of the autodidact-woodcarver make the pieces of wood alive by carving it into the shapes of animals. Having a remarkable feeling for wood and inspired by animal world the woodcarver captures the mood of a single moment and transforms it into the briar block, thus each pipe gains its unique character. Like an artist he works with extreme precision and care for elaborate nuances.

All pipes also differ in kinds of finishes: you will find Jarugski pipes with smooth, rough and smooth-rough finishes. Several kinds of grain patterns will suit everyone's taste: beautiful straight, horizontal, flame and birds-eye grain patterns. Mouthpieces are made out of acrylic.

Jarugski Pipes are produced in limited quantities, about 100 pieces a year. Individual orders are possible as well.

Relish smoking like an art! File:Example.jpg

Lindholzweg 8
12349 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0)30 71531394
E-mail: contact@jarugski-pipes.com
Website: Jarugski Pipes