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Jens Erik is from the Odense area on the island of Fyn in Denmark. An article written about pipemaker Viggo Nielsen in Piber & Tobak, Issue # 26, (December 1984) quotes Viggo as follows:

Since I'm moving the shop, I have teamed up with a good friend and expert, Jens Erik Olesen, who is also carving pipes as a hobby. End October he is opening a wine and pipe store here in Fåborg, - two things I think go well together, and he is very dedicated. At the same time he's planning on starting a pipe club covering the southern Funen area, so anybody interested should give him a "push".

So apparently Jens, at least at that point in his pipemaking career, was coming at it more as a hobby than a profession. Perhaps once he opened his "wine and pipe shop" and started sharing workshop space with Viggo, Erik's pipemaking became more of an avocation.

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