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John is an engineer by training with an advanced degree in industrial hygiene. He has a strong background and interest in health and safety in the mining industry. He has a Professional Engineer's license in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, and a pipe smoker and collector.

John writes the following introduction to his 'Emperor Leopaldo Saga

"Many years ago I felt there was not any literature that involved pipe smoking/pipe collecting, so I wrote my own short stories, starting in 2000. The stories involved a future where pipe smoking and pipe collecting was prized, not only for the elite, but for everyone. The characters in the series were based on some of my acquaintenances from the old #Pipes chat channel, but greatly embellished. Names of pipes and pipe carvers, pipe shapes, etc. featured are actual people and pipes. Many of the pipes and tobaccos are from my own collection and reflect my interests. Emperor Leopaldo just loves Castello Hawkbill Pipes (my collection was displayed at the 2011 Chicago Show) and McClelland's #5100, Red Kake mature virginia tobacco. The themes of the stories are based on some of my own reading interests. I have an extensive collections of Tolkien, Sherlock Holmes, H.P. Lovecraft, etc. As you can see from the material, it covers a wide range of topics such as pipe making, pipe collecting, pipe smoking technique, tobaccos, tobacco blending, types, etc. The stories should be read in order as the characters build on previous stories. You may even find some 'commentary' on the smoking policies of today found in the stories.

The stories take place in a "DUNE"-series type of futuristic society. Earth has been destoryed for many centuries, but its population conquered the stars. Real earth tobacco does not exist, except in 'caches' found way far in the future. Neer-tobacco and pseudo-tobacco is used by much of the population, however, among the true collector...... The same with true Old Earth Briar, nearly all destroyed when the earth was destroyed. However, now and then, true Old Earth tobacco and Briar pipes are to be found.

Emperor Leopaldo is the head of a feudalistic society far in the future where pipe collecting/pipe smoking is not politically incorrect, rather it is highly esteemed among the aristocracy. The stories were written by myself, a pipe collector and pipe smoker of over 45 years experience. You will recognize some of the items, places, themes, and maybe, some of the people. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. Come, join Leo, Nick, Lu Jo, Varten and the other characters, and maybe, you will learn something about a hobby that can yield much enjoyment.

Of course you can see that some of the story lines are still continuing. Who knows, perhaps when the planets are in proper alinement, a large hawkbill pipe full of McClellands #5100 is alit, the author may continue with another story. Perhaps Nick and LuJo, Emperor Leopaldo and Helen will tie the know --- Who knows?

I am aware of typographical, spelling, grammar errors and inconsistencies, but as they were written for fun, the author is under no obligation to make corrections. I often place a typo, inconsistency, etc. in a story to see if it is pointed out to me. That way, I know the story is being read. "The Pipe of Rebellion" is the only story in which I received negative feedback, and only from one person, as they felt the subject line offended there senses. I will note that I do have the Charatan pipe with the Peterson band in my collection."

You will also find these stories on John's along with a lot of other interesting goodies: John Seiler's website