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KJ Pipes are made by Kadesh J Swanson. The following is from the About Me page on the KJ Pipes Website

Kadesh Swanson of KJ Pipes


Blasted Elephants Foot w/Bamboo
Smooth Apple

All my life I have been fascinated by art. From origami to life-like drawings, you name it I wanted to try it. It wasn't till one faithful winter evening I smoked my first pipe. I immediately fell in love with pipe smoking. The aroma, taste, ritual, and comradery of it completely enthralled me.

After a year long affair with pipes I made the decision to pursue pipe making. I asked for the support of friends and family in getting the necessary tools and machinery. And within the month I had a less than adequate shop setup in the corner of my parents garage. I hate to say it but after I got my hands on my first piece of briar the rest was history.

Several years later I have my own space and had the priveldge of being able to travel to other makers workshops to learn the fine details of pipe making.

When I make a pipe I take the time to sit and listen to what the block is telling me it wants to be. It is this part of pipe making that I thoroughly enjoy. This harmonious collaboration between artist and material.

Each pipe is crafted using the best possible materials sourcing them from different locations to ensure quality control. My pipes are made to last with the hope they will be handed down to the next generation of pipe smokers.

I love to work with customers to create unique pieces suited to your taste. Feel free to contact me for commission inquiries.

Note: Kadesh made one of the pipes selected for the 2017 Kansas City Pipe Club contest 7 Day set.

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